16 Best Packed Lunch Ideas for Work

Looking for every day packed lunch ideas for work? We have got you covered with these 16 Best Packed Lunch Ideas.

Looking for every day packed lunch ideas for work? We have got you covered with these 16 Best Packed Lunch Ideas. These tiffin ideas for adults are far from boring and packed with flavors from all over the world. The start of a new year is a great time for changing up our old routines. This year break away the monotony of packed meals and try something unconventional. After all, packed lunch is the most substantial meal of a busy working day. And one cannot lead a healthy life surviving on a tasteless, greasy, unhealthy food of the office cafeteria. Believe me, after a week of takeaway food at the office, you’ll start thinking ideas for your lunch box. These 16 Best Packed Lunch Ideas for Work are simple, easy to follow and super delicious. 



We have tried our best to provide recipes for most of the dishes shared in these lunchboxes. And over the period of time, will try to share the recipes which are not existing on the blog. A brief explanation about the content of each lunchbox is mentioned in the slide next to the image along with the name of the dishes. You can either click on the links given to fetch the recipe for that particular dish or directly search those recipe ideas on our website. Also, you can browse through the complete lunchbox ideas at our Pinterest Board dedicated to the 16 Best Packed Lunch Ideas for Work and for daily lunchbox update follow us on Instagram (@funfoodandfrolic)

But no matter how good your packed lunch idea is, a lot depends on the kind of tiffin you use to pack your meal. If your lunch box isn’t up to the mark, chances are the food contents will lose their taste and texture. And often result in lunchbox disasters. We tried and tested a couple of tiffin boxes available in the market for several months. One of our favorites was this cute, little, stainless steel dabba from Amazon. As the bento boxes are exuberantly expensive in India, we tried creating our own bento box kinda lunch meals using this stainless steel dabba. But this tiffin box was not microwaved friendly and constraint the portion size of the meal. So we switched to the borosil lunch box. And we loved it.


Giveaway announcement: We are extending a chance for our readers to own this borosil lunch box set. So all you engaging readers in India {readers not in India can participate if you have an Indian address for gift shipment}, to win this borosil lunch box set leave a comment below to tell me “your most cherished lunch box memories.” That’s all you have to do. Did I tempt you enough to participate?? 


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Borosil Lunch Box

Borosil Lunch Box




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    January 1, 2017

    My most cherished lunchbox memory is from engineering college. My lunches were very popular thanks to my absolute genius of a chef mother. I literally would have to hide my lunchbox as my friends would all want to get a taste…about 7 of them…every single day. So much so that I never got to eat any of it. I used to hate okra but having nothing left for me I had to eat from my friend sameer’s lunchbox and his mom used to make this bhindi ki sabji (with dhaniya powder- 2 of the top most things on my hatelist – in one dish) which I started liking from then on. Having been a picky eater as a child, I opened up to flavours and textures…some new and some that I disliked with all my heart. Lunch breaks during my college time are something I always think about and smile.

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    Saina Jayapal
    January 2, 2017

    I studied in kerala and the only food i knew about was Kerala cuisine. Since it was a coastal area, We had a strong Gujarati community in Calicut but we never thought they were different in any way untill lunch time. During school lunches, servants would come delivering huge stainless steel dhabas tied up in colourful cloth. Thankfully my classmates were kind enough to share their food with their hard core beef eating class mates, while they were staunch vegetarian. I still remember the food, simple, fragrant and delicious. The softest of phulkas with a dash of ghee, dal that had a tinge of sweetness and cabbage which as shredded so finely and fried in ghee, hing,chilli powder, turmeric , salt and a bit of sugar, the meal always ended with a sweet a jalebi, jamun etc. It was the simplest of meals, but i still remember the taste. I have lost touch with the Guju girls but am always thankful to them as they showed me there is much more flavours to india and it was their lunch box that made me curious about the various cuisines we have .

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    January 2, 2017

    This is such a flavourful feed, full of mouth watering ideas :)

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    gunjan Srivastava
    January 3, 2017

    After working from Home office around 5 years, I had the privilege of eating a home cooked hot meal at lunch time. Now things are changed and office shifted to 9 km from around a year and now i have to struggle daily to decide” what for lunch box?”. Thanks for sharing these ideas. Really helpful.
    From the experience of packing lunch from last one year, I cherished lots of memories, especially people love when i take care of their small needs like one of my colleague is not allowed to have rice and she loves to have a spoonful from my box. A Ginger pickle for one and spicy green chili pickle for other. I love to see the happiness on their faces.

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    January 3, 2017

    I grew up in Nepal and my most beautiful memories of lunchtime are when we used to pass the lunch from last bench to first bench during classes to have some extra time to play during lunch breaks.

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    Resham Nanwani
    January 3, 2017

    my most cherished lunch box memories was when I used to open my bag during snack and not only find a fruit but also my favorite chocolate. It does not end here – during lunch, I used to get puri & aloo subzi with papad(papad is a must being a Sindhi :-p) and for some reason it always used to taste better when eating from a lunch box as compared to eating it at home. I am a sucker for good sandwiches beside cheese, lettuce & tomato and my mom used to improvise and give me various kinds of vegetarian sandwiches.
    Working now I feel the struggle to find that right balance of packing a nutritious meal which still tastes good when in a lunch box. Mothers always know how to make things look so easy but in reality – it is quite a challenge.

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    January 3, 2017

    My most cherished lunch box memory happens to be from my school. Simple homemade chapati and subzi that my Mom would pack off in the steel boxes and all the bench mates and other girls would come and share it during recess. Mom’s methi subzi and potatoes were very popular in particular. Those chats with friends coupled with maa ke haathon ka jaadu are forever etched in my heart.

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    January 3, 2017

    My most cherished lunch box memory happens to be from my school. Simple homemade chapati and subzi that my Mom would pack off in the steel boxes and all the bench mates and other girls would come and share it during recess. Mom’s methi subzi and parathas were very popular in particular. Those chats with friends coupled with maa ke haathon ka jaadu are forever etched in my heart.

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    January 4, 2017

    Way back in middle school, my sister and i would travel by the school auto-rickshaw. The days we had pizza in our tiffin boxes, was a mini festival in our minds.
    We would wake up to the cheesy aroma and sizzle on the pan, yes back then our amma made pan pizza :)
    We would get dressed to school without being told, almost hurriedly. Wolf down our breakfast, and wait for our ride to arrive. The moment we heard the “click ” of the dabba being closed, the pizza was already owned.
    We would get into the autorikshaw, and immediately the lids would come off, and even before we reached the end of the lane, the pizza in its entirety and the crumbs would be polished off. And yes we went hungry during lunch break that day.

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    Akanksha Kapoor
    January 5, 2017

    Lunchbox memories take most of us back to good old school days where, ghar ka khana was taken for granted & anything processed was relished to the core. Honestly speaking, only when mom’s preparations are not around, our taste buds live through them the most.
    My favorite was the much prized – Maggi noodles which are still worshipped by me. Although, the senior-most standard at school was expected to convey exemplify-able conduct, especially at a hard-core all-girls convent academy, our gang managed to broke the lunch-confined-to-recess rule & swabbed the food from our lunch boxes, just one hour after the morning assembly itself, particularly the ones suspected & proved to be crammed with Maggi. At home, we sisters always managed to persuade mom to cook Maggi in the absence of our father, else all the vegetables present in the house shall adorn it and fade away the real taste of Maggi.
    My most cherished memory of lunch box packed for school takes me to my gang of girls, where my then bestie, who had a roly-poly appearance since beginning, brought her lunch box, religiously filled with only and only potato dishes. Never in my time had I witnessed anyone so much in veneration with this vegetable, that we would mischievously proportionate her chubbiness with her lunch box FIXED menus. The best part was we always made sure that she is left with a partially-filled box for lunch time, as it had already turned our victim for satiating the pre-lunch hunger pangs. Conversely, my sixth sense always sensitized me with the reality that she constantly & consciously left her bag unattended, may be only for us and later would superficially crib on her vanished favorite dish.
    When, now after more than a decade, sometimes our whatsapp conversations push us towards our school days, we both seldom fail to recollect this treasure of ours, which certainly made our bond stronger. Touchwood!

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    January 5, 2017

    Gosh!! Lunch box memories is a lane where I would love to go. We had a group of 3 friends. Sharing Tiffin’s was a big part of out school time. From paratha achaar to burger to chilla everything made its way to our tummies with loads of gossip and giggles. Lovely times!!!

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    January 7, 2017

    Lunch box memories are nostalgic….. The aroma in the air when all the dabbas get opened in school at break is unforgettable even today. All my lunch boxes were of stainless steel and I had some of the best like car shaped, a mini carrier to name a few. In a 20 minute break we almost speak non stop and enjoy all the yummy food we get. Just miss those days and they are memories to be cherished

  13. Leave a Reply

    Minu Thomas
    January 9, 2017

    My most cherished lunch moments were my childhood days when my lunch box contained tit bits or left overs that my mother never packed in the morning . The child hood days were we actually lived the words that sharing is caring . We all used to sit together and open the lunch box together and share what we brought to school . I always loved the food what my friends brought and they used to love the food that I brought so we never wasted our food. The second memory was the days when my mother used to pack the lunch in banana leaf . The aroma and freshness the food used to be when we open the leaf in the afternoon brings water in my mouth . There is no words to describe that

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    January 15, 2017

    The most cheriched lunch box memory is from school days.Sharing tiffin .,chats and trifle problems with friends is unforgetable.Cold parathas,poories ,stuffed parathas with achar ,vegetables ,chana and halwa ‘s taste is unforgetable

  15. Leave a Reply

    Kavita paul
    April 6, 2017

    The most cherished lunch box was the surprise element that was there “what mummy has packed today” unfortunately these days there is no surprise as i pack my lunch myself

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    Jeena Lewis
    April 8, 2017

    Those were my childhood days when we were economically struggling. There were no slippers to wear while going to school. Most of the days our lunch box carried ganji (cooked rice along with its water) and a piece of coconut. What made it so yummy was the love of my mother. Even now whenever I miss my mom I eat ganji with a piece of coconut.

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