Turmeric Lemonade Recipe

Summer is officially here, and all the heat and energy accumulated throughout the day needs to be gently dissolved with soothing drinks. This Turmeric Lemonade is the perfect summer cooler. Did you ever think of adding turmeric to a cooling drink? For me, turmeric has always been a warming ingredient, until I read about recipes using it in drinks/cocktails and spritzers. In India, turmeric is commonly added to the milk that too during the winter season only. Haldi wala doodh or golden milk is the only turmeric flavored drink I have ever tasted until I tried this turmeric lemonade recipe


Turmeric Lemonade

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Punjabi Matar Paneer Recipe

Matar Paneer is the ultimate comfort food. It is one of those Indian curries than can be devoured during any time of the year. And for the nation that is obsessed with local cottage cheese aka paneer, matar paneer is one of the most loved curries. It compliments all kinds of Indian bread – flat, deep-fried, baked and almost all variety of rice dishes. This Matar Paneer Recipe is definitely worth bookmarking as it is super quick to prepare. Why? Because it’s done in the pressure cooker. 


Matar Paneer

Aam Panna Recipe, How to Make Aam Panna

Aam Panna is a traditional Indian summer drink. A delightful, natural coolant prepared with fresh mango pulp, sugar, spices, and mint leaves. Aam Panna is a conventional drink which is not only refreshing but also energizing. It helps you get hydrated in an instant and aids in battling the scorching heat. When we talk about heat and summer then I must warn you against the brutal Indian summer. It is hot, dry and requires a lot of energy to deal with. In such scenario, homemade drinks like aam panna help beat the heat with so much deliciousness. This aam panna recipe is quick and requires only 25 minutes of your time. 


Aam Panna is a savory, traditional Indian summer drink prepared with raw mango. Find how to make aam panna in few simple steps

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Restaurant Style Pineapple Raita Recipe

Raise your hand if you love the classic pineapple raita served at Indian restaurants. Oh God, it is one of my favorite side dishes when I am ordering spicy curries for the main course. It is sweet, savory and has the right note of tanginess from the pineapple. Restaurant Style Pineapple Raita is my attempt to re-create the same magic of flavors in my kitchen. And I am happy to announce that this Pineapple Raita Recipe is as good as the one served at restaurants. With this pineapple raita recipe in hand, you can churn this delicious, summer goodness anytime in your kitchen. No need to wait for your next visit to an Indian restaurant. 


Pineapple Raita

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Best Summer Holiday Ranikhet, Uttarakhand

Holidays are just around the corner and soon families will start packing for the annual summer vacation! Are you also one among the many die-hard explorers who just doesn’t get satisfied visiting the usual places again and again? If you have a will to experiment the unexplored then Ranikhet is the perfect summer getaway for you. The pine, oak, and deodar forest will soothe your eyes and would bring you close to the natural virtue. Those giant trees have formed ravishing green patches against the brown backdrop. One can stand still at a place and savor the serenity of the place. Ranikhet is a pleasant change from other hill stations that are commercialized and overly crowded. It is quiet, tranquil, a welcome change from the interminable roar of the city life. 


Ranikhet, Uttarakhand

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Teatime Sandwich Recipe, How to make Teatime Sandwich

Teatime Sandwiches are the best menu choices for the summer tea party. One thing I love most about teatime sandwiches is they are never out of fashion. I cannot imagine a good tea party or high-tea menu without these classic, delicate sandwiches. As a food lover, I always have this soft corner for the creamy, moist teatime sandwiches. That’s the reason I cannot stop at one sandwich, second helping is a must for me. These rainbow teatime sandwiches are the best thing that can happen to you while on the go. Because this sandwich recipe is lunch box, picnic, and travel-friendly. So hope now you have enough reason to bookmark this teatime sandwich recipe


Teatime Sandwich

Story of My Indian Plate

In India, food is an integral part of our culture. In fact, it is our second religion. And we make sure that we practice it seriously. Three full meals a day is the food ritual that we usually follow in our routine life. These full meals are the combination of curries, seasonal vegetables, dairy, protein and of course the desserts. For many, this seems like a hell lot of food, but this is our everyday meal, cooked with love and affection by the ladies of the house. And like many others, this is the story of my Indian plate too. It is full of flavors, colors and above all tales to tell. The tales about those bold curries, the stories of seasonal vegetables and the various farm elements on the plate. It is not that simple to decode the story of an Indian plate.


Story of my Indian Plate

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Lemon Rice Recipe (Elumichai Sadam)

When we talk about one-pot rice meals, lemon rice is one of our favorite ones. Needless, to say we have been introduced to this delicious rice casserole during our stay in South India. And ever since then, it is a regular repeat in our weekly lunch menu and in his office lunchbox. I don’t even bother to learn the right way to serve lemon rice. For the love of a good elumichai sadam, I can enjoy it during any hour of the day with a bowl of chilled raita. If I am not too lazy, will serve quick potato roast with the lemon rice. Else, for me, it is good to go on its own. 


When we talk about one-pot rice meals, lemon rice is one of our favorite ones. Find how to make lemon rice recipe in few simple steps

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