Punjabi Kadhi Pakora Recipe

Kadhi Pakora is an ultimate definition of homemade comfort food. The simple and unique flavors of this Indian curry never fail to impress. There are different versions of Kadhi Pakora prepared across India. Every regional cuisine has its own take and twist to the Kadhi Recipe. Punjabi Kadhi Pakora is one such regional kadhi recipe influenced by the flavors of Punjabi Cuisine. But whatever be the recipe Kadhi Pakora has always been the most popular Indian dishes. Served with the steamed rice, jeera pulao or chapati Kadhi Pakora is one of the best gluten free curries recipe. 


Kadhi Pakora is an ultimate definition of homemade comfort food. Find how to make Punjabi Kadhi Pakora in few simple steps

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Loaded Vegetarian Nachos

Loaded Vegetarian Nachos is one of my favorite party snacks. On certain busy days, it provides a quick dinner slash fuss-free summer meal. Every element in this loaded vegetarian nachos is prepared from scratch. And that is the key to its mind-blowing flavor. It is one of those appetizers that require less than 10 minutes of cooking time. Yes, that’s it! Imagine now you can make loaded nachos at home with your customized toppings that too in less than 30 minutes. Needless to mention that these loaded vegetarian nachos tastes so much better with a glass of chilled beer. 


These loaded vegetarian nachos are laced with locally available ingredients and Indian flavors. Find loaded vegetarian nachos recipe

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Besan Bhindi Fry Recipe

Besan Bhindi Fry is truly a delicious Indian side-dish with a lot of crunch to it. What is Besan Bhindi Fry? Tender okra (bhindi) marinated in a spicy gram flour based marinade and then shallow fried till crisp. It is one of the best side dishes to serve with Dal, Kadhi or any other vegetarian curries. It tastes so good with rice, pulao, paratha and even chapati as well. Since the day I figured out the Besan Bhindi Fry Recipe, it is a regular affair on my everyday lunch plate. And things that are regular in my kitchen definitely make it to the blog post to spread the cheer of easy, everyday comfort food. If you have an okra hate club member in your family then this Besan Bindi Fry recipe will definitely change their opinion forever. 


Besan Bhindi Fry is truly a delicious Indian side-dish with a lot of crunch to it. Find how to make Besan Bhindi Fry in few simple steps

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Jamun Masala Soda

This year the summer in Delhi is nothing but cruel. It is hard to keep calm and find food inspirations. Everything around seems dull and melting. And that explains the reason for more and more drink recipes making it to the blog these days. This summer, to deal with the heat in my kitchen I am staying away from the stove top as much as possible and concentrating on no-cook or minimal cook recipes. They are the life saver. Whether it be cold salads, drinks, chutney or light curries – all of these are the highlight of my summer menu. Jamun Masala Soda is one of the best things that happened this summer. And probably one of the easiest way to manage the abundance of Jamun. 


Jamun Masala Soda is one of the best summer drinks. Find how to make refreshing Jamun Masala Soda Recipe in few simple steps

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10 Gluten Free Indian Recipes

What is a gluten-free recipe? Any recipe that does not use wheat and any of its components is called gluten free. Wheat is the only grain to produce an indispensable amount of gluten, though barley and rye also have some amount of gluten present but not as much as wheat. In our Indian Cuisine, there are plenty of gluten-free recipes. These recipes are prepared from seasonal, local and easily available ingredients and do not involve the use of any gluten component. 


Why we need gluten free recipes? Because these days it is one of the most common allergic diseases. Gluten intolerance is a kind of allergy and the person suffering from it cannot intake wheat and any of it by-products. But that does not mean the end of food choices. We have plenty of delicious, finger-licking good Indian recipes that are 100% gluten free. These gluten free Indian recipes add a lot of variety to an everyday gluten-free meal menu. 


If you are looking for an entire collection of gluten free Indian recipes then follow our Pinterest Board – ‘ Gluten Free Indian Recipes‘. Every day we are updating tons of awesome Indian recipes on this board that is 100% gluten free. Hope you find it useful!



Gluten Free Indian Recipes

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Veg Spring Roll Recipe

These Veg Spring Roll stuffed with the Indo-Chinese flavors are so good I recommend making a double batch because they will go fast! They are popular across Indian sub-continent with different names – Chinese Spring Roll, Veg Spring Roll or only Spring Roll. All these names refer to only one goodness – deep-fried spring rolls packed with an Indo-Chinese filling of noodles or chicken. These spring rolls are ridiculously delicious and totally irresistible. You just can’t stop at a single piece. And they are super easy to make – you just prepare the stuffing, then roll it up in the wrappers, and later deep-fry. They are always a star party appetizer at my place, no second thoughts about it. 


Want to know the secret behind my popular Veg Spring Roll? It is the light and super easy vermicelli stuffing. Find how to make veg spring roll

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Baby Potato Curry Recipe

Baby Potato Curry is one of easiest and delicious potato curry recipes. Does it win your heart over even more if I tell you it takes less than 30 minutes to make? You can call it a cheat dum-aloo as well. The taste and the gravy are very similar to that of dum aloo sans any cream or tomato. If you are a serious potato lover than I am sure you would love this baby potato curry. Do we love potatoes? We – as a family is for sure a potato lover. And that explains delightful, unique potato recipes on the blog such as – Pahadi Aloo Paani, Bombay Potatoes, and Aloo Ke Gutke


Baby Potato Curry is one of easiest and delicious potato curry recipes. Find how to make baby potato curry in few simple steps

Bread Basket Chaat (Video Recipe)

Have you ever think of making basket chaat using bread? If not yet, then try this bread basket chaat recipe. This chaat recipe will definitely fill your thoughts with a dozen creative ideas to use these bread baskets. And why not? These bread baskets are so easy to prepare, doesn’t require any oil and look extremely fancy. Bread Basket Chaat is one of the fun and creative ways to serve the regular aloo chaat. Next time if you are hosting a Chaat party, serve chaat in these bread baskets. The guests would surely get impressed with your culinary skills. 


Have you ever think of making basket chaat using bread? If not yet, then try this step by step bread basket chaat recipe.

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