How to Make Crispy Corn Kernels

I am nearly getting obsessed with corn kernels. So today I’m sharing one of my popular party snack recipes — Crispy Corn Kernels! I love munching them with drinks or while watching movies on a Friday night. They are the perfect indulgent, spicy, crunchy snack. I thought I’d share with you recipe for quick and easy Indo-Chinese style crispy corn. Perfect for snacking, especially during a good movie marathon. Hope you too like these crispy corn kernels. After all, these crispy corns are our favorite party popper!


Crispy Corn

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Mushroom Matar Pulao Recipe

Mushroom Matar Pulao is truly a delicious, gluten-free, one-pot meal. Off lately, I am talking a lot about pressure cooker recipes. And this Mushroom Matar Pulao Recipe is another addition to the list of best, tried and tested pressure cooker recipes. If you love the combination of mushroom and peas in a curry, then you will surely enjoy this Mushroom Matar Pulao. It is so simple to cook, tasty to the core and 100% gluten-free. What not is there to love about it? 


Mushroom Matar Pulao

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10 Best Pressure Cooker Recipes

A pressure cooker is one of the most commonly used cookware in an Indian kitchen. I must say Indian home cooking and pressure cooker are so incomplete without each other. The pressure cooker is one such cookware which travels with us, the Indians, all over the globe. We just can’t think of planning an everyday meal without some reliable pressure cooker recipes on our list. It saves a lot of time in the kitchen and is an assured method of uniform cooking the complex proteins. Otherwise, the same can take hours on a gas stove to get cooked. 


Pressure Cooker Recipes

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Fabelle Chocolates ‘As You Name It’

Fabelle redefines the meaning of customized luxury, creates chocolate history by taking personalization to the next level. How? Fabelle Chocolates has launched their ‘As You Name It’ campaign. Now the chocolate lovers can create their own unique chocolate cup and also name it after themselves as well. It is surely one of an uncommon way to engage the consumers and build a long term relationship. Fabelle Chocolates has truly redefined the art of personalized, luxury chocolates in India by presenting a unique multi sensorial experience.


Fabelle Chocolates

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Baingan Ka Raita Recipe

Baingan Ka Raita is a delicious, quick, 100% gluten-free raita recipe. If you are bored of Baingan Bharta then you must try this Baingan Ka Raita Recipe. It has the earthiness of the roasted eggplant and the sweetness of yogurt – perfect to serve with biryani and pulao. This Baingan Ka Raita Recipe is one of my recent discoveries and I am totally loving it. With this recipe in hand, you can include eggplant in your everyday meal in such a delightful manner. Baingan Ka Raita has given me one more reason to love the humble eggplant. 


Baingan Ka Raita

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Tandoori Prawns (Jhinga) Recipe

Tandoori Prawns are the grilled shrimp skewers loaded with the bold Indian flavors. They are absolutely perfect for the drink and barbecue parties. This super easy Tandoori Prawn Recipe yield delicious end results! Marinate them few hours before the party and forget about them. Last minute set the grill and roast the prawns. The idea is to cook them on a direct flame. You can use barbecue, grill pan or roast them in the oven.Tandoori Prawns does not require more than 10 minutes on each side to get grilled to the perfection. Big, juicy, fresh, firm, perfectly grilled Tandoori Prawns are a real outburst of flavors.  


Tandoori Prawns

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Lauki Ki Kheer

Delicious, perfectly creamy Lauki Ki Kheer(लौकी की खीर) is one of my recent favorite Indian desserts. The magic is the combination of thickened milk and the bottle gourd, which in turn results in an utterly luscious pudding. Lauki Ki Kheer is one of those recipes you should bookmark for the festive occasions and family dinners. Everybody in the family equally loves it to the core. Light on the stomach and big on flavors, Lauki Ki Kheer is a 100% gluten free dessert. Serve it chilled or warm depending on the weather but don’t forget to sprinkle a generous helping of pistachio just before serving. 


Lauki Ki Kheer

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10 Best Indo-Chinese Party Recipes

Packed with spices and fiery flavors, our parties are so incomplete without Indo Chinese recipes also called Indian Chinese dishes. So what really is Indo-Chinese Cuisine? The quick Chinese stir-fry technique and seasoning spiked with the local zest, and the end result is an outburst of addictive flavors. It is the perfect amalgamation of sweet, spicy and savory flavors, good enough to make your mouth water just by the look of it. A sheer food porn. These Indo-Chinese party recipes are definitely worth bookmarking for your next house party or the weeknight dinner.

We’ve listed best Indo-Chinese Party Recipes that are indulgent and truly delicious in every sense. If that is not a good enough reason, then I must tell you, these Indo-Chinese Recipes are extremely simple to make at home. 


Indo Chinese Party Recipes

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