How to make Nimki (Savory Crackers)

Nimki is a popular savory pre-make snack from the bylanes of Uttar Pradesh. Nimki comes in many flavors and forms. In many homes, it is shaped like a diamond and called namak para, while in many others it is neatly folded into a layered triangle. Whatever be the shape, Nimki is always crisp, crunchy and a favorite tea-time munchie for the festive season. How to serve Nimki? There is only one answer, with your favorite pickle. Scoop out a generous helping of homemade achaar and serve it with Nimki. And not to forget garam garam chai. With this snack combination on the table, the chitter-chatter never seem to fade away. Or it lasts till the last piece of Nimki is devoured with the leftover masala of the pickle. Such is the magic of Nimki aka Indian style savory crackers. 


Nimki (Savory Crackers) is a popular Indian tea-time snack. This Nimki recipe has no butter or oil in the dough. Perfect for the festive indulgence.

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Pakodi Ki Sabzi (No Onion/Garlic Recipe)

Like many other curry recipes on the blog, Pakodi Ki Sabzi is too courtesy mom’s recipe book. But this one, in particular, she learnt from her bania (a business community in India) friend much later in life. A no onion/garlic eating regime is quite common in many Indian households but definitely not ours. We follow this kind of strict diet only during certain festivities or mourning, else we are very much in love with our onion and garlic masala. So this friend of mom’s is a pro in no onion/garlic cooking. There is a strong sulphur-rich aroma hanging in the air of her kitchen, maybe because she profoundly uses ghee, jeera and hing tadka for cooking most of the dishes. And we as a kid found that peculiar smell weirdly pleasant and tempting. So we were introduced to this Pakodi Ki Sabzi by this lady (mum’s friend). And much later, when I started exploring the intricacies of local food, found that Pakodi Ki Sabzi is quite a popular recipe in many parts of Northern India.  


Pakodi Ki Sabzi is a delicious gluten-free, vegan yellow moong dal dumpling curry sans any onion or garlic. Super flavorsome and so simple to prepare.

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Weekend Getaway: Dubare Elephant Camp, Karnataka

Looking for a quiet getaway from the Bangalore city life? Then Dubare Elephant Camp, Karnataka is the perfect place for you. Deep into the woods, beside river Kaveri, there stood a breathtakingly peaceful property of Jungle Lodges and Resorts. Dubare Elephant Camp is the joint venture of the forest department and the Jungle Lodges and Resorts Ltd in order to promote wildlife tourism at its natural best. We started our ride from Bangalore on a crisp Saturday morning, almost at the time of sunrise in our Kawasaki Ninja 350cc. And exactly before lunchtime we reached our destination. The highway till Dubare Camp is moderately decent. And have ample of good pit stops on the way for fuel or a quick bite. Driving or hiring a cab is the best plan to reach this place. The camp is nestled totally off the highway. So it’s highly recommended to use Google Maps or a printed map for the exact directions. If you speak the local dialect then you can seek the help of the natives as well to confirm the directions.While you are about to arrive at the camp give a call to the concerned person at the camp informing him about your arrival time. The polite staff of the camp will take care of parking your vehicle while a small steamer boat transports the guests to the property. Imagine crossing the weirdly peaceful and calm river dodging the extended branches of the trees that are kissing the river. One rarely enjoys such scenes while living in a concrete jungle. 


Dubare Elephant Camp

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Samavat Rice Kheer (Vrat Ke Chawal Ki Kheer)

Kheer and the sweet dish season is back. We have officially entered the festive season in India. An array of festivities lined up in the upcoming months and they come to the halt with the year ending. Samavat Rice Kheer is one of the old school puddings that make a perfect dessert for the festive feasts. Simple, no fuss making process and the conventional creamy texture are the highlight of this gluten-free pudding. The only twist we have introduced in the Sama Rice Kher Recipe is adding a layer of fruits before serving. We love our puddings and custards chilled. Winter season as well is no exception for this rule. And the combination of chilled, thick and rich kheer layered with sweet and ripe mangoes, is definitely a gratifying experience for the food senses. If you thinking where to get mangoes in the month of October, then take a look around surprisingly it is still available. At least, it is still here in Delhi. 


Simple Samavat Rice Kheer - a wholesome and gluten free pudding recipe with barnyard millet, milk, and mango!!

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Singapore Sojourn (Travel Blog)

A trip to Singapore was on the cards from a long time. And somehow, we just delayed it for one reason or the other. This August we decided to fulfill prolonged desire of a short vacation in Singapore.  The Island City was too irresistibly accessible with so many direct flights from India. Tickets were booked, bags packed and with a long list of must-see places we landed in Singapore. With an impressive first impression, one could make out why Singapore is rated as one of the cleanest and safest countries in the World. Singapore is the first choice for travelers for a family getaway, and those seeking to indulge in metropolitan luxuries. And of course for its unique and top-notch attractions that cater to almost every type of traveler. Singapore is – a nice enough city, with great food, super clean, efficient; in short, it has all the features for a perfect leisure getaway.


Planning a trip to Singapore? Then must read our travel blog Singapore Sojourn.

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Classic Carrot Apple Juice with Kent Cold Pressed Juicer

What is a cold-pressed juice?  Cold-pressed juice is nothing but the regular juice extracted in a most healthy and organic manner without damaging the nutrient value of the juice. It is a slow and gentle method to extract juice from your favorite fruit or the vegetable. How a cold-pressed juice better than the convention one? The regular juices are extracted using a high speed spinning juicer or grinder which generates excess heat. The heat reduces the potency and breaks down essential nutrients and fibres of the fruit/vegetable. Hence, there is minimal retention of fibres and nutrients in the conventional juices. I have recently discovered my love for cold-pressed juices, all thanks to Kent Cold Pressed Juicer.


Classic Carrot Apple Juice has clean and refreshing flavors. And the best part - it is cold pressed. You will surely get hooked to this recipe.

Corn and Paneer Tikki Recipe

Bored of regular Aloo Tikki? Then you must try this Corn and Paneer Tikki Recipe. One, it is super delicious. Second, it is 100% vegetarian and gluten-free. Third, it has a fuss-free preparation method. Corn and Paneer Tikki adds a great variety to your snacks table. Serve it with green chutney, a chilled yogurt dip, and nothing else is required. This corn tikki has a mouth melting texture with a perfect crunch of corn kernels. The addition of cottage cheese aka paneer gives these fritters a creamy taste. The unmatched flavor of corn fritters comes from the spices and herbs. In few minutes, you have an excellent finger food ready for the party or a lip-smacking treat for the evening tea-time. 


Looking for a tikki recipe other than aloo tikki? Try crisp, delicious corn and paneer tikki recipe. You'll absolutely love it.

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Chana Dal Pulao Recipe

At this moment in time, I’m happily married to the man of my dreams — who with much love prepared for me Chana Dal Pulao on a lazy, Sunday afternoon. A conventional Punjabi Recipe, simple and flavoursome. Post a long vacation in Singapore, he offered to make me lunch, about five years after we got married. I was taken aback by surprise. The man who only enters kitchen trailing the aroma of good food, talking about cooking lunch. To many of you, it may sound no out of the box story. But for a woman who waited from the first day of marriage for this moment, it was surely an exceptional day. And around then is when he, cheerful and enthusiastic than ever, walked through the kitchen door. I was already on cloud nine. There were butterflies in my stomach like I had on the day of our first date. But that was not the end of panic and pangs. For someone, who never stirred even a pot of milk, cooking main-course meal seems like an uphill task. 


Chana Dal Pulao is a traditional Punjabi Cuisine Recipe. So simple to make and 100% gluten-free.

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