Best Summer Holiday Ranikhet, Uttarakhand

Holidays are just around the corner and soon families will start packing for the annual summer vacation! Are you also one among the many die-hard explorers who just doesn’t get satisfied visiting the usual places again and again? If you have a will to experiment the unexplored then Ranikhet is the perfect summer getaway for you. The pine, oak, and deodar forest will soothe your eyes and would bring you close to the natural virtue. Those giant trees have formed ravishing green patches against the brown backdrop. One can stand still at a place and savor the serenity of the place. Ranikhet is a pleasant change from other hill stations that are commercialized and overly crowded. It is quiet, tranquil, a welcome change from the interminable roar of the city life. 


Ranikhet, Uttarakhand

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The Ultimate Delhi Dining Guide

Are you planning a foodie’s day out in Delhi? Then this ultimate food guide could help you in many ways. I am surely not the capital city expert. But yes, I am somebody who recently shifted to the city and built up my own city guide by dining out at different restaurants of the city. And I must tell you, Delhi will surely spoil you for choices when it comes to dining out places! This blog is an endeavor in association with JetPrivilege to share my experiences at Delhi’s celebrated eating joints, which are the talk-of-the-town for their food and dining encounter.


Are you planning a foodie's day out in Delhi? Then this ultimate food guide could help you in many ways. The ultimate delhi dining guidie

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Spiritual Getaway: Jageshwar Dham, Uttarakhand

Let me begin with the geographic introduction of the Jageshwar Dham. It is located at an altitude of 1870 meters. Placed in midst of the dense deodar and pine trees forest Jageshwar Dham is part of the Almora District in Uttarakhand. The distance between the town of Almora and the Jageshwar is approximately 35 km and around 101 Kms away from lake city Nainital. The drive to the temple town is a blissful experience. Each frame is the treat for a die-heart nature lover. I was introduced to this place at the age of 15. Since then yearly family visits to the temple instilled in me an unusual fondness for the place. The quiet persona of me always strikes a chord of harmony with the peaceful surroundings of the temple. With each visit, I experience a solitude of a different variety. There is something transcendent in the town that takes you far away from the mundane despairs. 


Spiritual Getaway to Jageshwar Dham, Uttarakhand

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Weekend Getaway: Dubare Elephant Camp, Karnataka

Looking for a quiet getaway from the Bangalore city life? Then Dubare Elephant Camp, Karnataka is the perfect place for you. Deep into the woods, beside river Kaveri, there stood a breathtakingly peaceful property of Jungle Lodges and Resorts. Dubare Elephant Camp is the joint venture of the forest department and the Jungle Lodges and Resorts Ltd in order to promote wildlife tourism at its natural best. We started our ride from Bangalore on a crisp Saturday morning, almost at the time of sunrise in our Kawasaki Ninja 350cc. And exactly before lunchtime we reached our destination. The highway till Dubare Camp is moderately decent. And have ample of good pit stops on the way for fuel or a quick bite. Driving or hiring a cab is the best plan to reach this place. The camp is nestled totally off the highway. So it’s highly recommended to use Google Maps or a printed map for the exact directions. If you speak the local dialect then you can seek the help of the natives as well to confirm the directions.While you are about to arrive at the camp give a call to the concerned person at the camp informing him about your arrival time. The polite staff of the camp will take care of parking your vehicle while a small steamer boat transports the guests to the property. Imagine crossing the weirdly peaceful and calm river dodging the extended branches of the trees that are kissing the river. One rarely enjoys such scenes while living in a concrete jungle. 


Dubare Elephant Camp

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Singapore Sojourn (Travel Blog)

A trip to Singapore was on the cards from a long time. And somehow, we just delayed it for one reason or the other. This August we decided to fulfill prolonged desire of a short vacation in Singapore.  The Island City was too irresistibly accessible with so many direct flights from India. Tickets were booked, bags packed and with a long list of must-see places we landed in Singapore. With an impressive first impression, one could make out why Singapore is rated as one of the cleanest and safest countries in the World. Singapore is the first choice for travelers for a family getaway, and those seeking to indulge in metropolitan luxuries. And of course for its unique and top-notch attractions that cater to almost every type of traveler. Singapore is – a nice enough city, with great food, super clean, efficient; in short, it has all the features for a perfect leisure getaway.


Planning a trip to Singapore? Then must read our travel blog Singapore Sojourn.

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Renault Lodgy – A #LiveLodgyCal Drive to Remember

Sleek and elegant design, smooth bump free ride and ample space to tug inside my photography gear, barbecue grill and a hefty pug pet for a long drive, are my sole selection criteria before buying any new car. Surprisingly Renault’s brand new Lodgy has all the required features which makes it top the list of my favorite MPV (multi purpose vehicle) cars. I ain’t no automobile expert to review a car or criticize its features but as a consumer I have an array of thoughts about the new Renault baby in town and what could be better platform then blogpost to voice your thoughts.  




#LiveLodgyCal Drive by Blogadda @The Leela Palace, Goa

Lately you might have noticed mention of #LiveLodgyCal on most of our social media posts, the whole shout out was about the #livelodgycal drive organized by the team Blogadda at The Leela Palace and Resort, Goa in association with Renault India. The occasion behind the event and the hashtag livelodgycal was the launch of Lodgy – a new car in the MPV segment by the Renault India Team.  There was no reason to amiss the opportunity to meet the 40 bloggers from across the country at Leela Palace in Goa that too in the monsoon season, when Goa at its serene best. The minute team Blogadda confirmed the travel itinerary, travel bags were packed, lenses and gear cleaned and from the sweltering Northern heat I escaped to the moist, dark and picturesque Goa. 



Good Read – Visit to First Agro Farm and Kabocha Soup Recipe

Some wise man rightly said, ” To forget how to dig the Earth and tend the soil is to forget ourselves.” While living in the metro from past many years I never paid attention towards behind the science functioning of food that comes to my plate. I had no clue about the difference between Organic Produce and the Zero Pesticide Produce, basking in my ignorance I classified them in the same category. Till one day when  I was introduced to the First Agro Produce by a friend, for the first time the word Zero Pesticide caught my attention. First Agro is India’s first commercial grower (farming) organization with Zero Pesticide™ fresh produce complying with FAO’s and WHO’s Codex Alimentarius, the global food safety standard, for the Indian domestic market. The story behind the First Agro establishment is quite unique. The idea of natural farming struck Nameet M, one of the co-founders and a former pilot when he was flying in Canada. Over the years, Nameet started working with few Canadian farmers on how to grow pesticide free fresh produce using natural methods. After perfecting growing method, he teamed up with his brother M.V. Naveen and cousin K.N. Prasad to form the company. While Naveen has worked in regional leadership roles in global IT services companies, Prasad had leadership roles in IT services and Supply Chain Management with global companies. First Agro’s management team is dynamic, technology-savvy and well-balanced to exponentially scale the organization across 1,500 acres and 16 locations in India. 


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