The Ultimate Delhi Dining Guide

Are you planning a foodie’s day out in Delhi? Then this ultimate food guide could help you in many ways. I am surely not the capital city expert. But yes, I am somebody who recently shifted to the city and built up my own city guide by dining out at different restaurants of the city. And I must tell you, Delhi will surely spoil you for choices when it comes to dining out places! This blog is an endeavor in association with JetPrivilege to share my experiences at Delhi’s celebrated eating joints, which are the talk-of-the-town for their food and dining encounter.


Are you planning a foodie's day out in Delhi? Then this ultimate food guide could help you in many ways. The ultimate delhi dining guidie

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Fish Tikka Recipe

Fish and grilling are two of my favorite duo during this time of the year. We as a family are not big time fish eaters. But somehow after our stay in the Southern Coastal Regions of the country we get hooked to grilled fishes. The intense heat of the grill transforms tender fish into something pretty special. And for me as a cook, who is not very familiar with the nitty-gritty of cooking a typical fish curry, grilling is the best way to serve fish for a meal in no time. The hint of smoky flavor underneath the spicy marinade layer is what compel us to make Fish Tikka again and again. When we as a food-loving couple, think of dinner dates, one alternative is to dine at romantic restaurants or the second recourse is to plan romantic dinners at home. We usually go by the second choice. 


If you’ve got a bbq coming up or are just looking for an excuse to fire up the grill, try this Fish Tikka Recipe.

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Sweet and Spicy Amchur Ki Launji

Recently, I was given a very original gift. A box of dried mango slices (sabut amchur) and a heritage recipe from the late grandma’s recipe journal. This was my first trial with the dried mango slices. When the market is loaded with the abundant produce of kaccha aam (raw mango) the wise house ladies like my mother, slice them and later sun-dry the raw mango slices to preserve them. The raw mango slices which I received as a culinary souvenir were the last from the last year’s batch. So I decided to get little adventurous with them and explore the sweet and spicy blends. This time of the year around summer, Sweet and Spicy Amchur Ki Launji is simmering in most of the kitchens of the neighbourhood. Ever since I was a child, Amchur Ki Meethi Chutney always fascinated my taste-buds. It is so hard not to scoop a chunk of launji from the jar using your fingers and lick it. But we used to relish Amchur Ki Launji in a refined manner as well by spreading it in between the Paratha or Puri. 



Amchur Ki Launji is a delectable Indian condiment perfect to dip in paratha or snacks.

Perfect Homemade Iced Coffee

Right now we are in the early March and yet the time has come to brew perfect iced coffee at home. The winter this year was gentle, not too many cold days and that means a harsh summer is waiting ahead. And to sail through the midsummer, I need homemade iced coffee. As much during winters, hot cup of cappuccino warm up my senses, similarly iced coffee keep me sane throughout summers. Whether piping hot or iced cold, we are sipping this dark, aromatic, energizing liquid year around. Many ambush the idea of serving coffee brew ice-cold. For them, cold coffee always has to be thick, sugar laced, creamy summer thirst quencher. There is nothing wrong in that cold coffee. Most places out of India, milk is not an additive to coffee, or for that matter even tea. Coffee with ice-cream and milk is often classified as a milkshake. We like to adore and appreciate coffee in it’s purest form. The aroma of fresh beans filling the morning air, that gurgling sound of the coffee filter in the quiet kitchen and finally you proudly drinking homemade brewed coffee with the breakfast. Nothing like it! 


Homemade Iced Coffee

Farm Fresh Pasta Salad Recipe

Farm Fresh Pasta Salad Recipe is a twist to ordinary pasta with the flavorsome salad seasoning by On1y. As the name suggests Farm Fresh Pasta Salad is loaded with fresh bursting flavors. The variety of greens and herbs added in this salad make it a good choice for a light summer lunch. The homemade lemon vinaigrette dressing for the salad gives the desired citrus note to the salad. Pack it in the office lunch box or enjoy it before dinner, Farm Fresh Pasta Salad is refreshing in taste either ways. Sometimes even your lunch box also needs a change from the regular everyday meal. And in such case, recipes like Pasta Salad are a pleasant change to break the monotony of same old lunch box menu. At home, salads are served as a hearty meal. I can’t imagine eating anything else – it’s got to be light, fresh and tasty in these hot summer days. Few simple ingredients like cherry tomato and cucumber dressed with a citrusy dressing along with a smattering of On1y’s plethora of herbs and spice seasoning is surely a delectable combination. 


Farm Fresh Pasta Salad

Singhare Ki Kachri Recipe

Good food is always about the memorable experience, which leaves a long lasting indelible impression in our thoughts. When we shifted our base to countryside living for a while, singharas or the water chestnut was one of the other local produce we were introduced to, and eventually, it became family favorite. Water Chestnut usually make an appearance with the first winter breeze. The mood for this hot and spicy snack is set by the monsoon showers. Kachri is a famous street side delicacy from the by-lanes of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. It was part of my growing up years in the close knitted muhallas of then Uttar Pradesh, now Uttarakhand. During winters, a steaming bowl of homemade Kachri could be expected  any time from the next door neighbor’s kitchen as a kind and warm gesture. Maybe that was our way to spread cheer over Passover meals. The water chestnuts used for this recipe are the dark purple ones and not the green ones. Boiled and then cooked over low flame till the water chestnuts give the green signal that they are ready to be served. The earthy aroma of roasted water chestnut. The Kachri is then laden with vibrant and bold chutneys, chopped onion and cilantro to complete the flavorful experience. The earthy aroma of perfectly roasted water chestnuts is tempting enough to send an inviting note to the hungry goblins from near and far. 


Singhare Ki Kachri

Bathua Raita Recipe with Maharaja Whiteline Hand Blender


Bathua Raita Recipe is easy, delicious raita side dish prepared with yogurt and Parappu Keerai, a variety of local greens. The hint of garlic, green chili, and the bold mustard flavor give a sharp edge to the flavor of the Bathua Raita. The Bathua Raita is an absolute winter favorite when the lush green bathua leaves start resurfacing in the vegetable market. This particular condiment is a lunch hour special, served with Yellow Dal Tadka, Mixed Vegetable Sabzi and piping hot Phulkas. The combination of simple, fresh bountiful winter produce on the dining table screams out loud its winter spell of the year. 


Bathua Raita

Rum Bundt Cake Recipe

Rum Bundt Cake Recipe is a Christmas inspired cake with a twist of mulled rum. The Rum Bundt Cake Recipe has no butter, no alcohol soaked  nuts instead plenty of mulled rum. So in case you have forgotten to soak dry fruits this year for Christmas Cake then Rum Bundt Cake Recipe could be your last minute savior. Alcohol Mulling is a process to infuse alcohol with subtle flavors over a period of time. This year while soaking dry fruits for the Christmas Cake I thought why not experiment with the rum as well. Took out a large decanter, poured good old rum in it along with some whole spices, stirred and sealed. By the end of the week, when I opened the lid of the decanter, it smelled divine. Unintentionally, while preparing the batter for the bundt cake, some candied fruits made their way into the batter. And they sank at the bottom of the cake in the process of baking cake which turned out a blessing in disguise. When I turned the cake upside down colorful candied fruits were studded on top of the cake like crowning jewels.


Rum Bundt cake 2

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