Tangra Food Festival @JW Mariott, Bangalore


Tangra Food Festival is the celebration of authentic Kolkata style Chinese Food which has now become part of Kolkata food culture. Kolkata Chinese Cuisine, which was introduced to India in the year 1780, it all began with the immigration of Chinese residents from the Hakka region to settle down in Calcutta, now known as Tangra Community/Kolkata Chinatown. With the passage of time Tannery or the leather business slowed down, to move ahead in life Chinatown people started serving Chinese food to the local residents which was an instant viral all over the Kolkata and since then it has been favorite of food lovers from all across the nation.
On one of his recent food trail to Kolkata Chef Jolly aka Chef Surjan Singh Jolly discovered the joy of Kolkata Chinese food and after his close interaction with the people of Chinese community he got so impressed that decided to bring those flavors to the JW Kitchen in Bangalore, to maintain the authenticity of the cuisine he got with himself from Kolkata Chef Edwin of Golden Joyrestaurant and his team to take charge of Tangra Food Festival.
To cater to the Indian food preferences lot of vegetarian options included in the festival menu like Golden Threaded Paneer, Fried Baby Corn, Fried Mushrooms and Veg Momos. For the meat lovers there was Chili Chicken, Stir Fried Golden Prawns. I am so impressed with No MSG policy at the festival and minimal usage of sauces and artificial flavors in the food, which is not so common in Indian Chinese. 
In addition to the above, the Tangra section of the buffet spread also offered the lovely golden fried fish and delicious Pork Sui Mai dim-sums for starters. In the mains, we non-vegetarians relished egg-fried rice and egg hakka noodles which were enjoyed thoroughly with pork in hot garlic sauce and fish in oyster sauce. There were a whole range of ‘Tangra special cocktails and mocktails which were curated in-house by Akshar and team. The cocktails like Shandong MaryBeijing Bellini, and Wild Liquid – both alcoholic and non-alcoholic were bursting with flavors and complimenting the food well. 
Kolkata Chinese is not much about desserts but keeping in mind guests love for dessert, there was the arrangement of desserts in the JW Kitchen buffet my favorite was Kaffir Lime Creme Brûlée.
Tangra Food Festival is an extended wing of JW Kitchen Buffet so till 9th November 2014 you can enjoy Kolkata Chinese food along with the buffet menu at a price of INR 1599++. To know more visit their Facebook Page

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Restaurant Review | Nov 07, 2014 By Hina Gujral



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