Mulligatawny Soup Recipe

Mulligatawny Soup is an English soup recipe with origins in Indian cuisine. To be more precise the roots of its origin are in the Anglo-Indian Cuisine developed during the British Raj in India. The name originates from the Tamil words millagai/milagu and thanni and can be translated as “pepper water”. Many relate Mulligatawny Soup with the pepper rasam recipe as well. Both have quite a few similarities as well. But Mulligatawny Soup is thick in texture and is much more than just a soup. It can be happily placed in the category of one-pot meal bowls. It has lentil, rice, plenty of vegetables, coconut milk and herbs. All that required making hearty, fulfilling and comforting one bowl dish. 


Mulligatawny Soup is an English soup recipe with origins in Indian cuisine. Find how to make perfect Mulligatawny Soup in few simple steps

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Easy Naan Pizza Recipe (Video Recipe)

Thinking what to do with leftover naan? Make Naan Pizza. You will surely thank me for this easy naan pizza recipe. Last week, we had a dinner party and guess what, due to some last minute cancellations we were left with extra butter chicken and naan bread. And the next day, butter chicken naan pizza was our quick dinner. Naan pizza layered with rich tomato sauce and topped with butter chicken tastes simply divine. Don’t be stringent while adding cheese, after all, pizza tastes so much better with extra cheese.  The combination of butter chicken and cheese is a guaranteed riot of flavors. This particular naan pizza is phenomenal because it has two of my favorite things – first butter chicken, I adore butter chicken. Secondly, super thin and crisp crust. Why is it so amazing? Well, actually, I think I know why (crispy outside, soft inside). 


Thinking what to do with leftover naan? Make Naan Pizza out of it. You will surely thank me for this easy naan pizza recipe.

Soya Manchurian Recipe

Soya Manchurian Recipe is one of our school-days favourite Indo-Chinese Recipe. For the after school snack, my mother would prepare a large casserole full of Soya Manchurian along with fried rice. We used to look forward to evenings laced with Soya Manchurian and fried rice. When Sandhya suggested Soya Manchurian Recipe for the guest post, I agreed happily as there are plenty of childhood memories tied around this particular dish. As you might have noticed, we often invite fellow bloggers to share a guest post on our blog as a friendly gesture to spread the love and cheer for good food. This month’s guest post is by Sandhya Hariharan – an obsessive food photographer + food stylist, budding writer and an Art Director at Sandhya’s Kitchen. Her blog is a celebration of breathtaking food photography, perfect food styling and amazing recipes that leave you rushing to the kitchen/kicking yourself for not thinking of them. Her photographs don’t stop at being beautiful, and her styling combination aren’t merely appealing to the eyes: they’re delicious. Simply amazing. 


Soya Manchurian

Farm Fresh Pasta Salad Recipe

Farm Fresh Pasta Salad Recipe is a twist to ordinary pasta with the flavorsome salad seasoning by On1y. As the name suggests Farm Fresh Pasta Salad is loaded with fresh bursting flavors. The variety of greens and herbs added in this salad make it a good choice for a light summer lunch. The homemade lemon vinaigrette dressing for the salad gives the desired citrus note to the salad. Pack it in the office lunch box or enjoy it before dinner, Farm Fresh Pasta Salad is refreshing in taste either ways. Sometimes even your lunch box also needs a change from the regular everyday meal. And in such case, recipes like Pasta Salad are a pleasant change to break the monotony of same old lunch box menu. At home, salads are served as a hearty meal. I can’t imagine eating anything else – it’s got to be light, fresh and tasty in these hot summer days. Few simple ingredients like cherry tomato and cucumber dressed with a citrusy dressing along with a smattering of On1y’s plethora of herbs and spice seasoning is surely a delectable combination. 


Farm Fresh Pasta Salad

Italian Escapade with Del Monte Keema Lasagna Cannelloni Recipe

Keema and Spinach Lasagna Cannelloni Recipe is the delectable combination of succulent mutton mince cooked in the homemade tomato sauce, baked inside the cannelloni pasta made with Del Monte lasagna sheets. Pasta is one ingredient which let you explore the wildest horizons while cooking. On a busy weekday one pot pasta casserole with plenty of seasonal vegetables is our quick meal getaway while during the holidays we love to indulge in elaborate and elegant pasta dishes. Keema and Spinach Lasagna Cannelloni is one such comfort meal recipe, which need to be enjoyed with a glass of red wine and some good old music in the background. The walk to the neighborhood butcher shop to get the desired mutton mince, delicately plucked basil from the backyard, the prolonged cooking time, all together make the lasagna cannelloni more luscious and inviting. 


Keema and Spinach Lasagna Recipe

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Potato and Red Beans Chinese Stir Fry

Potato and Red Beans Chinese Stir Fry is an easy to make an oriental inspired stir-fried appetizer, the addition of red kidney beans provide a healthy dimension to this dish. During weekdays when house help takes a day off such easy to make appetizing dishes make my quick weeknight meal. This stir-fry is a one pot meal in itself, can be enjoyed as a snack as well, both the ways it is quite fulfilling and fits perfectly well in the criteria of wholesome supper.


Potato and Red Beans Chinese Stir Fry is an easy to make a stir-fry appetizer, the addition of red kidney beans provide a healthy dimension to this dish.

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Crispy Honey Chilli Chicken

Crispy Honey laced chicken is actually been in our dinner rotation for years, the heat of red chilies and sweet punch of honey is match made for weekend leisure dinner, tons of flavor from just a few basic ingredients. Throw together a quick salad while the chicken cooks, pour in chilled beer into those tall glasses and gorgeous dinner is literally on the table in few minutes. Even though it has the word spicy, it’s pretty mild and not burning hot inedible spicy. If the amount of red chilies going in still the matter of worry then cut down the amount of red chilies to half. Marinating chicken beforehand is an integral part of the recipe, to make the aroma of garlic and hotness of chilies penetrate through the layers of chicken pieces marination is the only solution.

Crispy Honey Chili Chicken

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Vegetable Manchurian with Fried Rice

Vegetable Manchurian with Fried Rice is one congenial Indo-Chinese comfort food when I say Indo-Chinese it refers to an Indian version of Chinese dishes which are revamped over the years to suit the Indian palate. Manchurian which has always topped the menu cards of Indian Chinese serving restaurants got its name from Manchuria, which is actually a historical name for Northeast China. Light, spongy golf ball sized deep-fried vegetable dumplings plunged in piquant peppery sauce relished with stir-fried rice. This divine combination is always been in-house favorite Friday night meal and despite being relishing it almost every month we are still not humdrum by the dish. 


Vegetable Manchurian with Fried Rice is one congenial Indo-Chinese comfort food when I say Indo-Chinese. Find recipe of vegetable manchurian

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