Meethe Chawal (Sweet Pulao Recipe)

Meethe Chawal or the sweet pulao is considered one of the most auspicious dishes in Punjabi Cuisine. Desserts made with rice are popular in Punjabi to name few – Kheer, Phirni and this unusual version of savory rice is a specialty prepared on certain festive occasions. Considered a good omen, to combine yellow rice with sugar and serve it as a sacred offering to the deity of the family. Enriched with the aroma and color of saffron and cardamom, this sweet pulao is the fitting end to a conventional Punjabi meal. The earthy taste of whole spices and the sweetness of saffron make this sweet pulao a perfect melody of flavors. Don’t forget to garnish Meethe Chawal with a generous amount of almonds and pistachios before serving. 


Meethe Chawal

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Cake Rusk Recipe (How to Make Cake Rusk)

Today‚Äôs post is extra special as it features not only a cookie recipe but my all-time favorite Cake Rusk Recipe. I loved Cake Rusk from the time immemorial but I’ve always shied away from trying them at home. I assumed process to be too complicated and tiresome for my liking. But it is just the opposite! It is so simple to follow, fun and produces delicious, perfectly firm, bright golden cake rusk. The cake rusk prepared using this recipe are not too sweet either and have the subtle aroma of cardamom used in the batter, completely addictive. These cake rusk remind me of the childhood in a small town, where the local bakeries use to sell them. And this economic bake without fail accompanied my morning glass of milk during all those schooling years. 


Cake Rusks are simplistic, tasty, cookies you can find almost everywhere in different parts of the country. Find how to make Cake Rusk in few simple steps

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Eggless Banana Loaf Cake (Video Recipe)

Eggless Banana Loaf Cake is a delicious, quick to bake, tea-time treat recipe, perfect for the gloomy November evenings. With some over-ripe banana sitting in the fridge, banana loaf cake is a nice idea to utilize them. We replaced butter with olive oil in the recipe to reduce the calorie count of this cake. I am a big time fan of simple, tea-time bakes. And often, on my blog, you will find cakes which are super easy to make and look extremely fancy with a cup of coffee. Few of our all-time favorite tea-time bakes from the blog are – Strawberry Cake, Orange Cake, Lemon Pound Cake. Ohhh, we love them all. These are not really dessert cakes, but a tea-time or snack cake, good for that energy boost during breakfast or evening cup of tea/coffee. But of course, with a dollop of fresh cream or a plain vanilla ice-cream, these naked cakes can be served as a dessert. 

Eggless Banana Loaf Cake is a delicious, quick to bake, tea-time treat recipe, perfect for the evening tea-time.

Samavat Rice Kheer (Vrat Ke Chawal Ki Kheer)

Kheer and the sweet dish season is back. We have officially entered the festive season in India. An array of festivities lined up in the upcoming months and they come to the halt with the year ending. Samavat Rice Kheer is one of the old school puddings that make a perfect dessert for the festive feasts. Simple, no fuss making process and the conventional creamy texture are the highlights of this gluten-free pudding. The only twist we have introduced in the Sama Rice Kher Recipe is adding a layer of fruits before serving. We love our puddings and custards chilled. Winter season as well is no exception for this rule. And the combination of chilled, thick and rich kheer layered with sweet and ripe mangoes, is definitely a gratifying experience for the food senses. If you thinking where to get mangoes in the month of October, then take a look around surprisingly it is still available. At least, it is still here in Delhi. 


Simple Samavat Rice Kheer - a wholesome and gluten free pudding recipe with barnyard millet, milk, and mango!!

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Jamun (Java Plum) Frozen Yogurt

The charm of summer in Delhi is the lack of inspiration around. We miss the enticing last summer. We were in hometown, Nainital, far away from the rest of the world, where summer is for perfect family picnics, trekking expeditions, local berries and seasonal fruits. But by the time winter came, we started missing the urban civilization and buzzing lifestyle. And to experience that, we shifted our base to Delhi – the heart of the nation. Summer in Delhi is deserted – the only sound is of an occasional bird cuckooing in the garden or a slow, rusty leaf falling from the tree. As described by the famous writer Ahmed Ali, Delhi summer is the season of ‘unending noon’. But even in the midst of such dullness, the beautiful hue of Jamun (Java Plum) inspired me to step ahead and play with the flavors of the fruit. Hence, the result is Jamun (Java Plum) frozen Yogurt


Homemade frozen yogurt tastes better than anything you can buy at store. Try this Jamun (Java Plum) Frozen Yogurt Recipe this season

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Fresh Apricot Cake Recipe

Stone Fruit, otherwise known as the summer fruit, certainly live up to their reputation. They have juicy, fibrous, aromatic, sweet taste and texture. In short, a perfect fruit to bake with. Eating a Vanilla Cake with fresh apricots or peaches and cream is so pleasurable, especially during the summer. So why not combine these two flavors and create Fresh Apricot Cake to uplift your dull summer mood.


This Apricot Cake Recipe is the best one to make with fresh apricots. Fresh Apricot Cake is hard to give a miss when apricots are in season.

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Rum Bundt Cake Recipe

Rum Bundt Cake Recipe is a Christmas inspired cake with a twist of mulled rum. The Rum Bundt Cake Recipe has no butter, no alcohol soaked  nuts instead plenty of mulled rum. So in case you have forgotten to soak dry fruits this year for Christmas Cake then Rum Bundt Cake Recipe could be your last minute savior. Alcohol Mulling is a process to infuse alcohol with subtle flavors over a period of time. This year while soaking dry fruits for the Christmas Cake I thought why not experiment with the rum as well. Took out a large decanter, poured good old rum in it along with some whole spices, stirred and sealed. By the end of the week, when I opened the lid of the decanter, it smelled divine. Unintentionally, while preparing the batter for the bundt cake, some candied fruits made their way into the batter. And they sank at the bottom of the cake in the process of baking cake which turned out a blessing in disguise. When I turned the cake upside down colorful candied fruits were studded on top of the cake like crowning jewels.


Rum Bundt cake 2

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Vanilla Panna Cotta Recipe with Berry Compote

Vanilla Panna Cotta Recipe with Berry Compote is an Italian classic, and simple to make at home dessert for any celebratory occasion. Panna Cotta is a fuss free dessert to make and absolutely delightful in taste. The mouth melting texture of Panna Cotta rarely fails to please taste buds of dessert lovers. Panna Cotta can be infused with variety of flavours and tastes wonderful with ripe fresh fruits and berries. 


Vanilla Panna Cotta

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