Masala Chaas Recipe, How to Make Masala Chaas 3 Ways

Masala Chaas aka flavored buttermilk is one of the most popular Indian summer drink. All you need are 4 ingredients (yogurt, water, salt, cumin powder) and 15 minutes to make this delicious masala chaas. Also, we present to you three different flavors of classic masala chaas. You see, I have these ideas to make masala chaas in 3 ways. That is sure to add a little extra sunshine and freshness to your dull summer gatherings.  They are bright and colorful and will make a lovely addition to the festival of colors, Holi gathering table.  They are naturally colored with all sorts of fresh herbs and spiked up with a notch of spices.  And even more perfect, as it is healthy too. Excited enough to learn more about these eccentric masala chaas recipes?


Masala Chaas aka flavored buttermilk is one of the most popular Indian summer drink. Find out how to make masala chaas in three different flavors.

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Khas Khas Doodh (Poppy Seed Milk Recipe)

Have you ever tried Khas Khas Doodh? It is a golden winter bliss prepared with white poppy seed, almonds, and milk. It is an incredible source of heat and energy for the cold winter nights and I’ve been drinking this stuff almost every alternate day from past few weeks. In the Punjabi dialect, they call it Khus – khaas. The Khas Khas wala doodh is typically made with milk, a handful of warming spices (cardamom, turmeric), sugar, and of course the poppy seed and almond paste.  Turmeric is my addition to the recipe. After all, it is such a sort after ingredient these days. Khas – Khas Doodh is quite tasty, distinctly warm, earthy with slight notes of sweetness. Interested??  I totally think you should try the recipe.


Have you ever tried Khas Khas Doodh? It is a golden winter bliss prepared with white poppy seed, almonds, and milk. Find recipe of Punjabi Khas Khas Doodh

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Classic Carrot Apple Juice with Kent Cold Pressed Juicer

What is a cold-pressed juice?  Cold-pressed juice is nothing but the regular juice extracted in a most healthy and organic manner without damaging the nutrient value of the juice. It is a slow and gentle method to extract juice from your favorite fruit or the vegetable. How a cold-pressed juice better than the convention one? The regular juices are extracted using a high speed spinning juicer or grinder which generates excess heat. The heat reduces the potency and breaks down essential nutrients and fibres of the fruit/vegetable. Hence, there is minimal retention of fibres and nutrients in the conventional juices. I have recently discovered my love for cold-pressed juices, all thanks to Kent Cold Pressed Juicer.


Classic Carrot Apple Juice has clean and refreshing flavors. And the best part - it is cold pressed. You will surely get hooked to this recipe.

Nimbu Pudina Sherbet (Mint Lemonade)

It’s summertime! Time to experiment with the refreshing combination of lemonade and the cooling mint! This year we have this guaranteed revitalizing Nimbu Pudina Sherbet Recipe for you. How is it better than regular lemonade recipe? It has plenty of mint, mint, and mint. Hence, you can call it mint lemonade as well. You don’t have to work hard or use your credit card to earn this reward. It’s the simple and satisfying reward of saying no to the store-bought overly sweet drinks and saying YES to the invigorating DIY Mint Lemonade instead. All you need to get your homemade mint zest, honey, and yes, you guessed it, lemons!


Nimbu Pudina Sherbet - our new favorite summer drink. It is incredibly refreshing and super easy to prepare.

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Perfect Homemade Iced Coffee

Right now we are in the early March and yet the time has come to brew perfect iced coffee at home. The winter this year was gentle, not too many cold days and that means a harsh summer is waiting ahead. And to sail through the midsummer, I need homemade iced coffee. As much during winters, hot cup of cappuccino warm up my senses, similarly iced coffee keep me sane throughout summers. Whether piping hot or iced cold, we are sipping this dark, aromatic, energizing liquid year around. Many ambush the idea of serving coffee brew ice-cold. For them, cold coffee always has to be thick, sugar laced, creamy summer thirst quencher. There is nothing wrong in that cold coffee. Most places out of India, milk is not an additive to coffee, or for that matter even tea. Coffee with ice-cream and milk is often classified as a milkshake. We like to adore and appreciate coffee in it’s purest form. The aroma of fresh beans filling the morning air, that gurgling sound of the coffee filter in the quiet kitchen and finally you proudly drinking homemade brewed coffee with the breakfast. Nothing like it! 


Homemade Iced Coffee

Kiwi Ka Panna Recipe (Indian Style Kiwi Sherbet)

Kiwi Ka Panna Recipe is a simple Indian style sherbet made with charred or roasted kiwis, flavored with fresh mint sprigs and black salt. For the country where summers are scorching, clammy and extended till late August, refreshing homemade drinks are necessity to resist the soaring high heat. With last bottle of homemade Aam Panna already half way through gulped by the sweltering souls and raw mango becoming a rare sight, we decided to make Kiwi Ka Panna.  In India, Aam Ka Panna is a popular summer drink made with sweet and sour raw mango, the recipe of Kiwi Ka Panna is inspired from the same. The plenty of kiwis sitting in our basket and slow depart of raw mangoes from the fruit vendor stall sparked an idea to churn up an Indian style sherbet out of these Chinese Gooseberries.


Kiwi Ka Panna Recipe (Indian Style Kiwi Sherbet)

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Cucumber – Lemongrass Lemonade Recipe

“Order what you love. There is no judgement here. I just want you to walk away happy.” – Anonymous
After my first successful experimentation with a cocktail recipe (Hot Apple Toddy) I am in a high spirit to style and shoot more and more drinks, sometimes when the first trial comes out well it in a way gives you so much confidence to explore new horizons of possibilities and opportunities. Likewise, I always confined my blog’s beverage section to non-alcoholic beverage recipe I was not very sure how would be the response to an alcoholic recipe among my readers, but like always I was surprised to read the comments and feedback, everybody loved it and requested for more simple cocktail recipes.


Cucumber Lemongrass Lemonade is an absolutely refreshing drink for the summer. Find Cucumber and Lemongrass Lemonade Recipe

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Hot Apple Toddy Recipe with Garam Masala

Most parts of the country have started getting first sprinkles of Monsoon, the weather has changed from hot and dry to humid and pleasant, the air around is filled with the pleasant aroma of wet soil, especially Bangalore weather is back to it’s chilling self with frequent showers and drizzling. When we thought of shifting to Bangalore weather was one of the factors that convinced us that it is going to be a pleasant stay.  


Hot Apple Toddy - my evergreen remedy for the bad throat, runny nose or just a gloomy day, trust me when I say it has fixed all of them.

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