Review – Sunday Brunch at Michelin Starred Yauatcha, Bangalore


I always heard stories about the fine dining experience at Michelin Starred restaurants from food connoisseurs and aficionados but somehow never got the chance to experience it myself. Then a Michelin-starred restaurant from London, Yauatcha opened in Bengaluru in 2013 and since then it was on my list, few of my friends already shared great reviews about the dim sums and rated it as must visit place in Bangalore. So when I got invited for their Sunday Brunch without even blinking I accepted it. 
After huge success in London, Yauatcha set up its first restaurant in India in Mumbai in the year 2011. There also it was loved by the food lovers and then they opened doors for foodies in the Garden City – Bengaluru. Yauatcha is located in the bustling heart of the city at MG Road with a seating capacity of 150 guests, longest bar in the city, a 15 seated private dining area and an open kitchen, they are among those few restaurants where you can peep into the kitchen from the dining area and that truly makes the whole dining experience more memorable. 
Alan Yau created Yauatcha in 2004, a London-based restaurateur, who previously created the Wagamama Japanese and Busaba Eathai Thai restaurant chains and the more expensive Hakkasan restaurant, also in London. But the most surprising fact for me was the interiors and the set up of Yauatcha in Bangalore is exactly same as the one in London, very intelligently ancient Chinese dining traditions been fused with the modern day trends and a cozy and comfortable interior is been created so that diners can experience best of both worlds. 
Sunday Brunch at Yauatcha is an elaborate affair, it is a 5 – Course set menu, which includes Salad, Soup, Dim Sums (Steamed, Baked, Pan fried, Hargau), Stir Fry, Rice and Noodles, Desserts along with Unlimited Beer and Cocktails. There are 24 variety of Dim Sums at Yauatcha divided into three broad categories – Steamed Dim sum, Hargau and Pan Fried/Baked Dumplings, each dim sum has its individual taste, flavor and style of presentation. I could not resist the temptation and tasted each one of them, yes I had 24 pieces of dim sums and no two were same in taste profile.
My vegetarian friends were quite happy with ample amount of vegetarian options in the menu from the starters till the main course, which is quite a challenge in Chinese Cuisine. After looking at each dish whether it was dim sums, main course or dessert I could sense the research, time and effort behind, from flavoring to plating everything is spec less. 
But the show stopper was yet to come – Desserts, Yauatcha claim that their desserts are the most Instagrammed desserts in Bengaluru. I don’t find their claim baseless, as each one of their desserts is a masterpiece in itself and even if you are not so fond of clicking you cannot resist from taking a click of these masterpieces. Each one was a gem for me – be it the embedded chocolate richness of the Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse paired with vanilla ice cream, the blindingly impeccable litchi ice cream with the Mango Mascorpone Gateau, or the sheer visual and gustatory seduction of the erotic Raspberry Delice. I felt so pompous and spoiled by each of these desserts!
If you are not in the mood for 5 Course Brunch then Yum Cha is a great choice for you, Yum Cha in Chinese means afternoon/evening tea, at Yauatcha Yum Cha includes unlimited dim sums along with a variety of Chinese tea. 
My personal favorites are Chicken Dim sum wrapped in Pok Choi, Crispy duck roll, Spicy lan ching chicken, Vegetarian Ho Fan Noodles and Mango Mascarpone Gateau.
I would like to thank Blogger Club, Jaideep (General Manager – Yauatcha) and the entire Yauatcha team for such a lovely Sunday Brunch.




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    Ema Trinidad
    June 10, 2014

    Wow, beautifully written. And the pictures are so yummy, anyone who reads this would want to try out Yauatcha.

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    Arun kumar
    October 6, 2014

    wow..beautiful…I would like to visit around places in Bangalore and try to eat all this items. Thanks to share ya….

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    FunFoodand Frolic
    June 10, 2014

    Thanks Ema, I am glad you like it

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