Grilled Rosemary Chicken Recipe


Rosemary is an herb, which has pungent flavour, strong aroma and needle like leaves. It is usually used to flavor meats and tomato sauces. These tiny sprigs of rosemary along with garlic create such a unique flavour in chicken which will knock off your taste buds, though I must say these flavours are not as strong and spicy as Asian spices but still rosemary has very individual and over powering taste as well as aroma. When I did this chicken even after washing my hands twice or thrice my fingers smelled like rosemary sprigs.
Curled Parsley

This is the simplest version of Classic Rosemary Chicken and still the juiciest of all, there is golden brown layer crunchy layer on top of chicken and still it is tender and moist from inside. I must thanks Jamie Oliver for this amazingly simple and easy recipe. The secret mantra for best rosemary chicken is the perfect marinate, because we are not adding any additional spices to season the chicken, so it is very important for rosemary and garlic flavour to get incorporated in the chicken.


I prefer using chicken breasts for this recipe but you can use chicken thighs also or the whole chicken also you can prepare following this recipe. I served it with Baked Vegetables and toast but it can be served with mashed potatoes or Herb Potatoes or Grilled Vegetables with a glass of Red Wine.






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    Bhakti Sharma
    July 17, 2013

    I have never been successful in making chicken steak at home. Will definitely try this recipe

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    July 18, 2013

    I also tried lot of recipes earlier but finally I have zeroed down to this simple recipe….though it is not similar to traditional steak but yet it is kinda combination of steak and grilled chicken.

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