Review of Chefkraft (DIY Gourmet Meals At Home)


Planning to make an elaborate gourmet meal at home? but agitated after seeing the list if ingredients required, now Chefkraft is the answer to all your gourmet meal related worries. In Bangalore, a new food venture called Chefkraft is facilitating the food lovers to cook fancy gourmet meals at home without wasting time on grocery shopping and chopping of vegetables. Chefkraft deliver at your doorstep nicely packed DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Recipe Box containing an array of ready to use quality ingredients and the recipe card with detail step-by-step instructions to prepare the dish. 

The idea behind Chefkraft is not new to the Bangalore but the unique feature of the Chefkraft is the supreme ingredients already washed, chopped and packed in different boxes. At Chefkraft, the expert chefs curate exciting new casual dining and main course recipes every month, each recipe is tried and tested before making including in the final menu on the website. Chef Xerxes of Red Fork fame specializes in Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Italian cuisines and Chef Shubhankar in Indian and Pan-Asian, are the two talented chefs behind all the recipes shared with the customers. 
The menu at Chefkraft is segmented into four broad sections – Salads, Minis, Casual Dining and Main-Course, each section has ample choices of vegetarian and meat dishes to select from. Then there are monthly meal plans as well who want to subscribe for the regular recipe boxes on a long-term basis. We planned to order the Chefkraft box for the weekend so that we can enjoy a fabulous meal at the luxury of sitting at home. We selected Curried Red Snapper (A delicious Asian preparation of red snapper with coconut milk, chili and vegetables) with Jasmine Rice from the main-course section and Thai Style Chicken Salad (This salad brings forth a nice bang of spice and sour flavors, typical of Thai food with the crunch of peanuts) from the salad section for our Sunday lunch. The reason behind selecting fish for the order was to test the quality and packaging of the seafood. 
Our order came nicely packed in a cardboard box, very intelligently the delivery staff explained that the box containing fish is been accompanied by an ice-pack to keep the seafood fresh, which is quite impressive. Once I opened the packages there was not even a slight smell of fish in the box, fish was very well cleaned, cubed, packed and placed above the ice pack in a sealed packet. Mise-en-place for the fish curry was so beautifully cut and organized that anybody can get motivated to cook it right away. Ingredients for the Thai Salad were packed in a separate container all together, which was also accompanied by the ice pack to keep the salad greens and chicken fresh. 

The instructions mentioned on the recipe card were easy to understand and follow, but I wish the method to prepare Red Snapper Curry could be explained more in detail, sometimes all the customers are not so familiar with the nuances of cooking seafood/meat at home. The quantity of ingredients and seasoning was quite accurate and spot on, except a teaspoon of salt and pans for cooking nothing additional was required to prepare the entire meal. The portion size of both the dishes was more than enough to serve two adults. The fish curry, rice and the Thai Salad took almost the same time as mentioned in the recipe card. 
The family favorite was the Thai Style Chicken Salad, with bursting sweet and sour flavors and the topping of roasted peanuts gave the required crunch to the salad. And the quality of the red snapper, as well as jasmine rice, was extremely superior. If you want to be innovative in your kitchen or want to surprise your family with the gourmet meal but not willing to spend a fortune on buying all the ingredients then Chefkraft is the solution to cooking sophisticated meal from the global cuisine in your kitchen. 





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