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Protein Bars/Energy Bars/Granola Bars I have never touched these products while my growing up years maybe then I never had crisis situations of skipping meals, working long hours, I never felt the urge to hit the gym for cutting out extra calories, all thanks to my mother who always made sure I have balanced amount of nutrients and proteins on my plate no matter how much busy I am but after chasing corporate dreams and working in odd hours for years I have realized balanced diet has become like a fairy tale story for me. 
Lately I found me energy source in desserts but then counting calories was quite stressful, so one day I landed up in the world of energy bars and since then I am liking them more and more, they are my instant energy source on a hectic schedule, graveyard working hours, unusual traveling conditions and or I must say they are my kind of perfect on-the-go snack. 
Naturell (India) Pvt. Ltd. is a visionary healthy lifestyle company. Naturell’s vision is to provide the finest nature-based products that will help consumers adopt a healthier lifestyle. Naturell provides nutritious products of superior quality that pleases taste buds. Naturell’s mission is to deliver Quality, Natural and Healthy products to their consumers. 
Though Naturell has a wide portfolio when it comes to health products but one of new additions is Max Protein Bars, which is formulated by nutrition expert to give an edge to perform at your best, Max Protein is loaded with highly nutritive ingredients that take care of all your post work out diet needs. When I say highly nutritive ingredients, I refer to – proteins, fiber, electrolytes, vitamins and minerals, Omega 3 and L – Glutamine. 
Max Protein Bar has three variants to offer – Choco Slim, Choco Fudgeand Honey Lemon. Choco Slim is a sugar free bar, which has a sweet candied taste of rich chocolate brownie; it contains hi-protein & low carbs, usually recommended to consume post workout sessions. Choco Fudge, has dominating nutty flavor and rich in cocoa, perfect bite for chocolate lovers and the third variant is Honey Lemon, as the name suggests it has strong lemony aroma with a unique nectarous, tangy flavor. These bars have become staple in his lunchbox and are an instant source of energy for him during long deadly working hours. 
But as I always say, balanced diet and good workout routine is the key to healthy life but sometimes in a busy hectic day wholesome meal take a backseat, rather than depriving my body from nutrients I switch to Max Protein Bars. I would recommend consult your dietitian, gymnasium trainer before adding Max Protein to your diet plan to avoid any sever allergies or excess deposition of any nutrient in your body. 
Max Protein and many other Rite Bite Nutrition Bars are easily available in all the supermarkets, online portals and also can be bought in from the website of Naturell India, below are the details:
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