Old Monkey New Tricks..New Menu @Monkey Bar, Wood Street


One of the most famous Gastropub in Bangalore aka Monkey Bar at Wood Street, recently launched its new menu to woo the Monkey lovers. And yes that does not mean going forward you are going to miss your all time favorites at Monkey bar. All the Monkey Bar classics are still there along with the addition of certain newborns to make the whole menu more exciting. 
Monkey Bar is always full of delectable surprises when it comes to food, each and every dish/beverage in the menu is a well crafted gastronomical piece of art, bursting with flavors and a true delight to one’s culinary senses. Last week I visited MoBar, Wood Street with one of my friend, who is also a Monkey lover like me, to explore few of the masterpieces from the new menu. We reached there by 1:00 pm and to our surprise we were the first guests of the day, all my last visits at MoBar wherein the evening or weekend when it is flooded with patrons from all over the Bangalore, this time I actually got the chance to explore the place, interact with staff, understand the menu and yes, of course, click around without disturbing the fellow diners. 
For the small plates I ordered MUSHROOM BRUSCHETTA (very slow-cooked ragout of shiitake, straw, oyster, button and porcini mushrooms. Served on grilled garlic baguette slice,then topped with brie and heated) and my friend selected PANEER BAO (The veggie take on our popular kheema bao. Steamed buns stuffed with spicy paneer, onion and tomato bhurji) though we both are not vegetarians but we were keen on trying the vegetarian options in the menu as well. That Mushroom BBruschettatruly justifies it’s description and it was bursting with flavors of exotic mushrooms and brie cheese. Paneer Bao’s presentation is a remarkable one; the outer crust is soft and pillowy while inner filling is popular paneer bhurji, making it perfect for Indian palate. 
By the time we reached main course, the place got extremely busy and became it’s usual self – lively and full of energy. Visiting MoBar and not having burger, is a sin for me, so going by my tradition I had CHICKEN KATSU BURGER (Herbed chicken breast marinated, sriracha cabbage, green curry mayonnaise, sprouts, scallions and lettuce) and somehow my friend got so impressed with the vegetarian small plates that she ordered vegetarian too for the mains – ROASTED BEET AND ORANGE Salad (Three mustard dressed lettuce, feta cream, sesame beans, toasted and candied walnuts, crumbled feta) along with the MoBar special cocktail flavors Mandarin Blast(Absolut Mandarin, Fresh Mandarin Juice, Grenadine topped with Ginger Ale)  and Berry Blast (Absolut Kurant, Black currant, Strawberry, Berry Compote and Cranberry). Burger at MoBar is always a feast in itself and a totally foodgasmic experience, being a burger lover I could not have ask for anything else but the surprise package was the Roasted Beet and Orange Salad, delicate flavors, fresh ingredients and combination of feta, orange and beet was a total bliss, perfect for an afternoon lunch. 
Like always despite of being over stuffed I could not resist the temptation of tasting dessert so we decided to have Carrot Cake (Brown Sugar Cake topped with carrot cream, cashew nuts and served with vanilla ice cream), it was delicious and I loved the idea of coating humble Carrot Cake with carrot cream. Sadly this memorable lunch too has to come to an end but that does not mean I am not going back soon to try out more of the new borns at Monkey Bar, Wood St.





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    MonuTeena RecipesPassion
    October 14, 2014

    beautiful review dear :) i have setup an avent Meat lovers month if you are non veggie.. i would like to see your participation dear

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