Martini Mixing Night with Ken Love and Pedro Rafael @ Taj West End


The journey of Martini began somewhere in 19th Century with a combination of gin and vermouth and over the years every mixologist tried adding his/her own twist to Martini but what so ever is the flavor Martini has always top the cocktail charts. Recently Taj West End hosted Martini Mixing Night at Blue Bar with Ken Love and Pedro Rafael, where guests were part of live Martini mixing and mixing, made from some of the exquisite fruits and ingredients.
Pedro is a Brand Ambassador for Diageo, South India and a popular figure among Pub lovers while Ken Love is a honorable patron of Taj West End and a renowned Jackfruit farmer from Hawaii, yes there was Jackfruit as well in one of the martinis from the night.
So after the round of introductions Pedro took charge of the bar and stirred up first martini of the night That’s so nice (Ciroc Vodka, Peach Puree, Lemon Juice, Ginger Beer) served on traditional Martini glasses, it was my favorite cocktail from the night, absolutely refreshing. 
I was totally amused by the names of the cocktail, next one was Hurry Up (Ciroc Vodka, Lime Juice, Grand Mariner) and the wist was giant spoonful of marmalade on each glass, which was giving citric kick to the cocktail. 
Animated conversations began after two glasses of Martinis while munching on Wasabi Peas and Roasted Peanuts; I was totally addicted to those Wasabi Peas though they left my throat sour for next two days. The third cocktail of the evening was High Over the Mountains (Ciroc Vodka, Lime Juice, Edel Flower Syrup) topped with chilled Champaign served on sleek Champaign glasses, it was fizzy cocktail perfect for Sunday afternoon brunch and my second favorite from the evening. 
Cîroc is a brand of eau-de-vie, considered by some sources to be, and marketed as, a vodka, produced and distributed by Diageo, which claims that Cîroc is distinguished from other vodkas by the fact that they derive it from grapes, rather than using cornsorghumrye, wheat, or potatoes. Since they distill the product at 96% and do not age it, it fulfills the qualities of vodka.
Other Martinis from the night where Five Minutes Honey, Blue Ginger, Holy Water and Ciroc Passion Sours and the surprising fact was Ciroc Passion Sours has egg whites in it and was my least favorite from the evening though some of my friends really enjoyed it. Among all these cocktails two are part of Blue Bar dinner menu as well – Ciroc Passion Sours and That’s So Nice. 
After tasting six martinis I barely remember what else I had but somewhere in my vague memory I think we had Grilled Tofu, Crispy Fried Prawns, Fried Chicken, Basil flavored Rice Paper Roll and Pan Grilled Fish. 


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