Mango Cranberry Mock-o-lada

Mango and Cranberry is a match made in heaven. Find out how to make perfect Mango Cranberry Mock O Lada in few simple steps

Yes! It is the time of the year when the king of fruits – Mango is proudly displayed in fruit basket of each and every home in India. It all starts somewhere in March after Holi when the market is flooded with Kachhi Kairi (raw mango), aroma of mango pickle fill up the neighborhood air and the terraces are full of sun dried raw mango slices.  But what we all wait eagerly is the sweet grown mangoes, in India we are blessed with hundreds of variety of Mango, each state has it’s own special Mangoes but all of them are equally tasty. Though India is quite a famous worldwide for its quality Alphonso Mangoes but sadly most of the batches are either exported and the few left are sold at gold like prices. 

This year Mango season came so early in my kitchen because I was trying and testing Mango Recipes for CaLDRON April 2014 issue, though it is not so easy to procure ripe mangoes in the early March but still I managed to get a batch, which was enough for the trials. I tried some 10 different recipes including drink, salads, curries and desserts and condiments using raw and ripe mangoes, each dish surprised me with the distinct flavor of mango.  Finally after so many trials, clicks and not to miss the kitchen full of mangoes my three mango recipes were published in the CaLDRON April Issue and my click of Mango Shrikhand made it to the cover page, it seems all that mango mess was worth. 

To congratulate myself for all the hard work I made Mango Cranberry Mock-o-lada, which is a combination of Mocktail+Lada, Lada is a Russian word meaning beauty goddess, and surely Mango Lada is a famous mocktail that has all the divine goodness of mangoes. I have used beautiful Sindoori Mangoes for this mocktail, they resemble very much to Alphonso in looks, with that hint of red in the skin and the small shape, it has a sweet taste with less of pulp perfect for relishing just like that after dinner. 

Mango Cranberry Mock-o-lada
Serves 2
Prep Time
25 min
Prep Time
25 min
  1. 1 Cup mango juice
  2. ⅓ Cup mango pulp
  3. 50g vanilla ice cream
  4. ½ Cup cranberry juice
  5. ¼ Cup crushed fresh cranberries or cranberry crush
  6. Crushed Ice to serve
  1. In a blender mix in mango pulp, mango juice and vanilla ice cream and whiz until all combined well into a smooth liquid.
  2. In a jar mix in crushed cranberries or cranberry crush with juice and mix nicely.
  3. Fill ¼ of the serving glasses with cranberry syrup.
  4. On top of cranberry syrup add crushed ice.
  5. Pour mango syrup in a jar and very slowly pour it over the crushed ice, if you pour it vigorously there is high probability of not getting the two layer effect.
  6. Garnish with fresh cherry or strawberry and serve chilled!
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