#LiveLodgyCal Drive by Blogadda @The Leela Palace, Goa


Lately you might have noticed mention of #LiveLodgyCal on most of our social media posts, the whole shout out was about the #livelodgycal drive organized by the team Blogadda at The Leela Palace and Resort, Goa in association with Renault India. The occasion behind the event and the hashtag livelodgycal was the launch of Lodgy – a new car in the MPV segment by the Renault India Team.  There was no reason to amiss the opportunity to meet the 40 bloggers from across the country at Leela Palace in Goa that too in the monsoon season, when Goa at its serene best. The minute team Blogadda confirmed the travel itinerary, travel bags were packed, lenses and gear cleaned and from the sweltering Northern heat I escaped to the moist, dark and picturesque Goa. 






Fun, Food306 

The event was well organized creative chaos by the Team Blogadda from nature’s walk by the beech to clicking selfies, from exploring the prepossessing hotel property to continuous expression of thoughts on twitter and Instagram, it was an efficiently planned schedule of an extended weekend. In midst of the nature’s picturesque frame it was tough not try capture each one of them in the pixels. Whether it was sharing a note or two on blogging with experts in the field or an insightful talk about the 116 years young brand Renault, it all rejuvenated the visionary dead cells of mine. 


Fun, Food305


Fun, Food304




Seeing a food blogger in a car event many of the critics might have raised an eyebrow but sometimes it is beneficial to explore the horizons beyond the daily work’s arena and connect with the ingenious people from all walks of life. That is how I perceive the term live lodgycal as well, to make lodgycal choices in life when necessary rather than always playing by the book rules.You can check out the official photographs of the event from Renault India here and Blogadda here. You can also read more about the witty moments at the event and exciting action that took place during the course of two days by checking out the hashtag #LiveLodgyCal on Twitter and other social media. Yo can read the detail review of the brand new Renault Lodgy here 







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    June 28, 2015

    Photos are great..the Leela is beyond compare, of course..

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      Hina Gujral
      June 29, 2015

      Thanks Neha for taking time out and sharing the compliment :)

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