Food Event – Live [email protected] Bak Bak Bar, Bangalore


When I got the invite for Live Cookout at Bak Bak Bar, my first question to them was is the name actually inspired from the Hindi phrase “Bak – Bak”, and yes, the name of the bar is truly inspired from the Hindi word which means the casual chit chat. The interiors of the Bak Bar Bar compliments it’s unusual name, the colorful loudspeakers on the walls, the Bak Bak charter on display or the quirky posters all together make it a perfect place to hang out with your gang. 
Bak Bak Bar is not a new name in the Bangalore pub directory, in fact it is one of those few pubs in Bangalore where Rocky and Mayur of HOMP fame visited, located at the heart of Kormangala Bak Bak has a quite interior from the outside but once you step in loud music and colorful lighting will totally make you lose track of time.
Lately Bak Bak was widely talked about in the town for it’s out of the box festive special parties especially one on Valentine’s Day and Women’s Day. 
The idea behind Live Cookout was to create one signature dish of your own in the Bak Bak kitchen and if your dish makes an impression on the dish, it will get a permanent feature in the Bak Bak menu. I prepared Mint and Coriander Pesto Chicken with Red Pepper Coulis and Fresh Salad (also created paneer version for the vegetarians), but it was a great experience cooking in the professional kitchen with giant size pans and spatulas. The result is yet not been announced for the Live Cookout so I am keeping my fingers crossed.
After sweating so hard in the kitchen we refreshed ourselves with some of the amazing drinks with quite unusual names like the one with Cranberry, Orange Juice, Crème Fresh, Chili powder and a dash of Blue curacao – Shiva, some their other signature drinks are Pompeii, Whisky Sour, Willy Wonka, Captain Jack Sparrow and Tootsie.
After refreshing ourselves with the drinks we munched on some snacks presented Bak Bak style, which is definitely quirky and funky, so we had one of their signature chicken starters – Monk Flamed Chicken Tikka, where Old Monk Rum is flamed and splattered over the hot Chicken Tikka and that gives tikka such succulent taste. But very few of you must be knowing that once you enter Bak Bak there is one surprise challenge by the Chef to all who come to Bak Bak – If your at Bak Bak Bar make sure to take up the challenge and taste some BHOOT JOLOKIA CHICKEN, chicken made from the hottest chilies in India, with one bite I gave up and it took me another half and hour with several glasses of cocktail to prepare my palate for the main course. 
Despite having an elaborate starters menu there are quite good options in the main course section as well – Chimmichuri Prawns, Beef Tenderloin, Veg Au Gratin, Pot Pie to name few. 
My pick of the day was Monk Flamed Chicken and Veg Au Gratin, so if you are in that part of the town and in mood to try something new and unusual then Bak Bak is your place.


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