Homemade Butter Recipe

Homemade White Butter Recipe is a quick and easy method to churn out fresh butter at home from the cream. Find how to make butter at home

 You must be wondering why you should bother with making your own butter. There are actually several reasons! First, it’s really easy and also you end up with a superior product, especially if you choose quality cream from the fresh milk. Though store bought butter is always there but that taste of farm freshness is missing and moreover churning out butter at home is not much time taking affair, may be fortnightly 10 minutes. 
Earlier even I use to rely on store bought butter but my recent trip to Punjab especially to Amritsar changed my whole perspective about the homemade butter and ghee (clarified butter), where even the small Dhaabas (the small food joints) serve food with fresh made butter, ghee or buttermilk and may be that is one of the reasons even the regular stuffed parathas (Stuffed Indian Bread) tastes so delicious there.  
When you are in Amritsar stop keeping tap of the calories in the food, in Amritsar each and every dish is served with the generous amount of butter or ghee and it is their way of showing affection for the guest so you can’t avoid it. Sometimes if you request they are more than happy to provide you with extra butter in a bowl, which to my surprise some of the local families were asking for.  
In Amritsar churning out fresh butter at home is a everyday ritual, the same butter can be melted and caramelized to prepare ghee (clarified butter) which is then used for Indian cooking instead refined or vegetable oil. The whey water collected from churned cream is called buttermilk, with addition of little spices and herbs it turns into refreshing drink for summers, called Chaas. 
Homemade Butter Recipe
Yields 250 gram
Homemade White Butter Recipe is a quick and easy method to churn fresh butter at home from heavy cream.
Prep Time
30 min
Total Time
30 min
Prep Time
30 min
Total Time
30 min
  1. 3 cups heavy cream, packaged one or stored from full cream milk
  2. 2 or 3 cups of ice water, for washing the butter
  1. To make butter at home you can buy ready made full cream or else you can use cream (malai) from the milk that you use everyday. However, this fresh cream from the milk has to be collected everyday for 10-15 days and stored in fridge in an airtight container. You could also collect cream from milk for a month also but I usually have enough to churn out butter in 10 – 15 days.
  2. To churn out butter from cream, cream should be at room temperature. In a food processor add the cream. Turn on the food processor. Even an electric beater can also be used instead of food processor.
  3. The mixture will splatter heavily in the final stages of churning, so be sure to cover the top of bowl with plastic wrap while using hand blender. The process may take a little longer, up to 8 to 10 minutes, although it usually takes me exact 5 minutes.
  4. Initially, the cream will begun to smoothen and you will get smooth whipped cream. Add ½ Cup of ice cold water, continue the mixer, until you see lumps of butter forming. Add remaining ice cold water and gently stir it with your fingers. You will see yellowish lumps of butter floating in the water or whey as I call it.
  5. Pour the buttermilk through the cheesecloth and strainer, holding the butter solid back. Allow the buttermilk to strain through, then plop in the butter. Gather the cloth around the butter and press it hard with your fist. Do this several times to get as much buttermilk out of the butter as possible. Pour the buttermilk into a container, label and refrigerate.
  6. Your beautiful homemade white butter is ready. With a spoon or spatula collect the white butter in an air-tight container I prefer using my fingers to collect the butter and store the butter in the fridge.
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