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“Stars just above my head and lights below my feet…” these are not lines of some poem but description of Naama Benguluru’s new lounge launched by Brigade Hospitality Group called HIGH, which stands 421 feet above the ground on the 31st Floor of World Trade Center.

While I was in the lift on the way to the top most floor, with each feet the excitement was building up to have a look of Bangalore skyline from highest party destination in South India. Spread over more than 10,000 square feet once I stepped inside the HIGH I completely lost track of time and that is the whole idea behind HIGH…”timeliness”.
I reached the place around 6.30pm and that was the perfect time to catch last rays of the setting sun at one of the zones called HIGH View. Once the darkness of night engulfed the city the whole experience of seeing city lighted up was panaromic, it seemed tons of glitters sprinkled all over the city. 

While Nirupa Shankar, Director, Brigade Hospitality was sharing the details about her dream project HIGH I could see that spark in her eyes, the spark of happiness to finally all her hard work is been fruitful. Though Vineet Verma, Executive Director, Brigade Hospitality is man of few words but he and Nirupa together made this ambitious project come true.

In the HIGH Mix a high-energy lounge space, you will get to meet Guruprashanth, a talented mixologist, whose signature cocktails and mocktails surely set my mood for the party. One of his signature cocktails called “Guru’s Love Portion” got me high at HIGH!!!

But after so many surprises the biggest surprise of the evening was yet not unfolded, which was table for two in an extremely romantic set up at the 32nd Floor or you could say at the helipad, something which I have seen only in the Yashraj films, but yes this one is real and will be open for booking soon. Despite of being high on height I cannot forget that I finally met the diva of baking – Deeba Rajpal, like her posts and photographs she also is extremely charming and humble personality.

HIGh Dine is an open sky dines area and that is where a beautiful table was set for us. Talking about the food HIGH offers variety of Pan Asian food with a Midas touch of Chef Zhang Hao. Among all the dishes which really got my taste buds high are savory sesame cheese rolls with a surprise of strawberry inside, sweet potato with teriyaki reduction, fried chicken with mint and thai basil and crab stick tempura, for desert that banofee pie is real watch out for. 

Thanks Anamika for making me part of such a special evening and place, also I enjoyed the company of so many fellow bloggers whom I am connected socially from past many years but never met in person. 

To know more about HIGH you can visit their Facebook Page, Website or if you are in Bangalore than just drive all the way to Yeshwantpurand experience the place.



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    February 10, 2014

    The ambience is just amazing & quite “out of this world”. :)
    Seems as if , this place can indeed give you the “high” :D

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    February 11, 2014

    looks like a great place and I am you guys had a ball there…

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