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Image Source: Living Foodz Channel

If you are deeply in love with food and travel then Foodtainment Channel Living Foodz launched on 11th September, bringing to you a complete package of interesting brand new travel and food shows. Living Foodz is coming with an array of interesting new shows, which are like a breath of fresh air with brand new approach towards food, travel and lifestyle. Living Food exposes the channel audience to whole new pandora box of food and travel shows not confined by the geographical boundaries.


The shows like ‘The Great Indian Rasoi‘ unveils the hidden facets of Indian cuisine we are yet to discover, is definitely a good watch.  The Great Indian Rasoi is an epic culinary journey through the roads of India with Chef Ranveer Brar. There are many other interesting shows lined up to take foodtainment to a new high – ‘Chef on Wheels‘, ‘Pickle Nation with Chef Kunal Kapur‘, ‘Vickypedia‘ and any more. The show Pickle Nation with Chef Kunal Kapur is a magical journey to meet legendary artisans and rediscover the magic of pickles. While on the other hand Rocky and Mayur are gearing up for a crazy adventure, filled with India‚Äôs spiciest, most expensive and extreme dishes. With Vickypedia Chef Vicky Ratnani will take your taste-buds on a gastronomic world tour. Most of these shows have already made it to my weekly television schedule. 


Image Source: Living Foodz Channel

Image Source: Living Foodz Channel


Living Foodz Channel showcases the travel and food stories from across the world. The liefstyle shows on Living Foodz will unveil the curtain from food stories of different cultures and present to you in a most gripping manner. With Living Foodz Channel you can explore the food culture of a new city, relish global cuisines, discover the food of another era and meet some of the country’s food heroes. Experience food with a new perspective only with Living Foodz Channel. 





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