Food Event – Exclusive Preview Malgudi Tiffin Centre at BIA New Terminal

Recently I got invite for the Exclusive Preview of Bangalore Airport’s New Terminal F&B outletsbefore it is open for the public, and as usual I was thrilled and excited, tweeted and chirped about it, though for a few seconds thought of sitting in car for hours to reach the airport but then my love for food overshadowed all the “ifs” and “buts” in my mind. 

A sneak peak into the new domestic terminal, Terminal 1A for the media, few food bloggers and other food enthusiasts — the terminal is being readied for a formal inauguration sometime soon in December. 
In the midst of huge Terminal and array of F&B outlets there stand out the Malgudi Tiffin Centre, which by it’s first look will remind you of popular TV series Malgudi Days, the strikingly southern décor, including Chettinad pillars, antique fans, walls with a rustic and traditional finish, wooden logs in ceiling that remind one of south Indian villages, and the dining area resembles verandah of old southern houses, perfect South Indian ambiance idle to enjoy meal in the busy Terminal.



Rene Baumann, vice-president, commercial, BIAL, said lot of food historians, food writers and recipe developers were consulted before arriving at the menu. “We want to make Bangalore the gateway to south India,” he added. Murali Murthy G., executive chef, India region, at the Malgudi Tiffin Centre said the service would be customized. So a customer who does have the time and appetite for a full thali will be served à la carte that too in traditional tiffin boxes, aka steel wala dabba, isn’t that exciting and nostalgic!! All these years those traditional steel tiffin boxes have lost identity and been replaced by plastic boxes but it will be quite an experience traveling away from home but still feel at home.
Malgudi Tiffin Centre serves best of all the southern statesunder one roof and more importantly in one platter, so you can enjoy delicacies from Kerala to Hyderabad and from Chennai to Karnataka together. Talking about the food, you are welcomed at Malgudi Tiffin Centre with a fizzy Kokum based drink followed by shots of Pepper Rasam along with fried pappad, in the starters must try items are Kuli Paniyaram, Kariveppila Erra, Kané Rava Fry, Chicken Ghee Roast, for me Kariveppila Erra was really outstanding, fried crusted prawns with a spicy marinade and distinctive overtones of curry leaves and delicate spices. 


Being a non vegetarian I have this advantage,  I can always dig into a vegetarian menu and taste all the vegetarian dishes, here also I tasted best of both the thalis, which were – Malgudi Drumstick Mango Curry (drumstick cooked with raw mango, spices and coconut milk),  Ennai Kathrikai (baby brinjal braised with spices and tomato, a Chettinad specialty), Alleppy Fish CurryGangoora Kodi (Chicken cooked in sorrel leaves from Godavari region of Andhra), Tanjore Mutton Chops (Medium spiced tender lamb chops braised with Chettinad  spices from Tanjore region) all this accompanied by flaky Malabar Parota, Idiappam and Rice Dishes. The show stopper in the main course was Gangoora Chicken, the tanginess of Gangoora leaves were perfect match for soft and tender chicken, after tasting this dish I got so obsessed with Gangoora leaves that I bought a bunch on my way back home.


You must be thinking after eating so much did I had desert, and very shamelessly I will say, “Yes, I did.” Though after such a heavy meal I was in no mood for deserts but when the deserts were served I was so tempted to dig in my spoon and taste, Palada Payasam and Coconut Custard, both the deserts have their roots in Kerala, Palada Payasam is very much similar to Rice Kheer, made with sweetened rice flakes, it is specialty of Kerala Temples. One spoonful of Payasam and it took me back to my childhood, when my father’s grandmother uses to make Rice Kheer with Cow’s milk on chullah and let it simmer for hours. After the meal I had long discussion with Chef Murali, about the making of Payasam and very humbly he told me the whole process of making it. I complimented the Chef because after eating so much of spices and meats I was not feeling acidic or any burning sensation in my stomach, and he told me for developing each recipe he has travelled each state and discussed with the local people about the ingredients.


After all this tempting description of food, you must be expecting pictures of my great meal, but sorry for the disappointment, from the security point of view we were not allowed click pictures inside the Terminal, still I managed to get few pictures of my food to share with my readers and family. 

So now on waiting for flight at BIA will never be the same; you can relish a slice of South India at Malgudi Tiffin Centre and take along tasty memories of good food in your journey ahead. It seems now I want to travel so that I get chance to visit Malgudi Tiffin Centre again.
Special thanks to Suhasini, Hepsibah and the entire team for the invite and coordinating such a well-organized event.
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    Pankti Mehta
    December 9, 2013

    What is it in the last pic? I seems delicious :)

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    December 9, 2013

    Nice round up of the offerings at Malgudi. Hope it continues to dish out yummy stuff for a long time.

  3. Leave a Reply

    Tilak Sachdeva
    May 14, 2014

    Yammy South Indian Food par excellence
    Must have food when ever departing from Bangalore Airport

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    FunFoodand Frolic
    December 9, 2013

    Pankti, that is desert Payasam and Coconut Custard

  5. Leave a Reply

    FunFoodand Frolic
    December 9, 2013

    Rajni, consistency of quality food is the thing I am really looking forward to

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