Celebration of Royal Cuisine @Riwaz – The Ritz Carlton

Riwaz - The Ritz Carlton

The moment I stepped into Ritz Carlton standing in the middle of the busy Residency Road, I was mesmerized by the grand architecture, perfect lighting and the tastefully done interior. Riwaz is one of those few restaurants in Bangalore, which comes to my mind when I think about authentic Indian Cuisine, and this time when they are celebrating the cuisine of Royals from 4 different palaces of India – Kashmir, Jaipur, Agra and Patiala during the entire month of October, I could not resist myself from accepting the invite and trying it out. 
This Royal Cuisine is been designed and executed by the talented Chef de Cuisine Ramandeep Kukreja at Riwaz, so the whole idea behind is one’s journey of Royal Palaces begin at Kashmir, move towards Jaipur and Agra and finally ends at Patiala. I am very much intrigued by the idea itself of serving royal cuisine from Agra and Patiala, which I have never heard of before. 
Since I was invited during the first week of the month I tasted the Kashmiri Royal feast, which was the cuisine for that week. Evening unfolded with the clinging of wine glasses, and then came the array of delectable appetizers, which filled my senses with rich saffron aroma, delicate kebabs, lamb chops and flavorful soups were just to begin with. I could not had enough of Yakhini Shorba (Lamb broth cooked with Indian spices and yogurt) so generously helped myself with another serving. And yes the name of those perfectly cooked lamb chops will always be there in my memories - Kabargaah
While the main course was being served I decided to take a sneak peek into the open kitchen standing in the middle of the dining room, where skilled hands of trained chefs were busy preparing well crafted gastronomical pieces. I am truly impressed by the way Riwaz allows it’s diners to get a glimpse of the kitchen and the Chef while dining at the same time, it is a true delight to see the whole process from preparing to plating a dish and finally relishing it. 
Being the non vegetarian I always have the advantage of tasting the vegetarian menu as well, so for the mains I tried a spoonful of vegetarian dishes as well – Kashmiri Dum Subz, Kashmiri Rajma (I never ever thought that Rajma could be the food of royals and that too from Kashmir) and the Khumbi Pulao (one of my favorites from the evening). The non vegetarian mains comprised of – Roganjosh, Nadroo Gadh, Gushtaba, Murg Dhanlwal Korma and yes not to forget those soft pillowy aromatic breads with a subtle hint of sweetness – Sheermal, Bakarkhani and Roth
The royal feast is yet not over, dessert was Gulab Jamun, Kong Firin (Rice pudding with saffron, raisins and almonds) and Seviyon ki Kheer, despite of my unconditional love for desserts my overtly stuffed stomach could afford only spoonful of each dessert, which were equally delicious, full of dry fruits especially pistachio and cashew. 
The Royal Food Festival will continue during the entire month of October, it’s an Al – Carte menu of appetizers, mains, rice/breads and desserts. My favorites from the evening – Yakhini Shorba, Khumbi Pulao, Shahdeg and Bakarkhani. And yes I am definitely going back to taste the Royal Cuisine from Patiala. 

Restaurant Review | Oct 13, 2014 By Hina Gujral



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