Spring Onion and Paneer Paratha

Paratha adds great variety to our everyday breakfast menu. Stuffed, flavored, layered, may it come in any shape or size, we just love to devour them for breakfast. Though nowadays, cautiously I am making an attempt to keep my favorite Paratha Recipes, as healthy as possible. As you will notice below in the recipe of Spring Onion and Paneer Paratha we have used Multigrain flour for the dough, tried using minimal oil to cook the paratha and used basic seasoning. If you really want to get indulgent with your Parathas, serve them with a dollop of butter. These Spring Onion and Paneer Paratha are easy to make and so much promising on taste and texture. 


Spring Onion and Paneer Paratha is a wholesome, delicious and super-easy breakfast recipe. Learn how to make Spring Onion and Paneer Paratha in few simple steps

Classic Carrot Apple Juice with Kent Cold Pressed Juicer

What is a cold-pressed juice?  Cold-pressed juice is nothing but the regular juice extracted in a most healthy and organic manner without damaging the nutrient value of the juice. It is a slow and gentle method to extract juice from your favorite fruit or the vegetable. How a cold-pressed juice better than the convention one? The regular juices are extracted using a high speed spinning juicer or grinder which generates excess heat. The heat reduces the potency and breaks down essential nutrients and fibres of the fruit/vegetable. Hence, there is minimal retention of fibres and nutrients in the conventional juices. I have recently discovered my love for cold-pressed juices, all thanks to Kent Cold Pressed Juicer.


Classic Carrot Apple Juice has clean and refreshing flavors. And the best part - it is cold pressed. You will surely get hooked to this recipe.

Perfect Homemade Iced Coffee

Right now we are in the early March and yet the time has come to brew perfect iced coffee at home. The winter this year was gentle, not too many cold days and that means a harsh summer is waiting ahead. And to sail through the midsummer, I need homemade iced coffee. As much during winters, hot cup of cappuccino warm up my senses, similarly iced coffee keep me sane throughout summers. Whether piping hot or iced cold, we are sipping this dark, aromatic, energizing liquid year around. Many ambush the idea of serving coffee brew ice-cold. For them, cold coffee always has to be thick, sugar laced, creamy summer thirst quencher. There is nothing wrong in that cold coffee. Most places out of India, milk is not an additive to coffee, or for that matter even tea. Coffee with ice-cream and milk is often classified as a milkshake. We like to adore and appreciate coffee in it’s purest form. The aroma of fresh beans filling the morning air, that gurgling sound of the coffee filter in the quiet kitchen and finally you proudly drinking homemade brewed coffee with the breakfast. Nothing like it! 


Homemade Iced Coffee

Farm Fresh Pasta Salad Recipe

Farm Fresh Pasta Salad Recipe is a twist to ordinary pasta with the flavorsome salad seasoning by On1y. As the name suggests Farm Fresh Pasta Salad is loaded with fresh bursting flavors. The variety of greens and herbs added in this salad make it a good choice for a light summer lunch. The homemade lemon vinaigrette dressing for the salad gives the desired citrus note to the salad. Pack it in the office lunch box or enjoy it before dinner, Farm Fresh Pasta Salad is refreshing in taste either ways. Sometimes even your lunch box also needs a change from the regular everyday meal. And in such case, recipes like Pasta Salad are a pleasant change to break the monotony of same old lunch box menu. At home, salads are served as a hearty meal. I can’t imagine eating anything else – it’s got to be light, fresh and tasty in these hot summer days. Few simple ingredients like cherry tomato and cucumber dressed with a citrusy dressing along with a smattering of On1y’s plethora of herbs and spice seasoning is surely a delectable combination. 


Farm Fresh Pasta Salad

Bathua Raita Recipe with Maharaja Whiteline Hand Blender


Bathua Raita Recipe is easy, delicious raita side dish prepared with yogurt and Parappu Keerai, a variety of local greens. The hint of garlic, green chili, and the bold mustard flavor give a sharp edge to the flavor of the Bathua Raita. The Bathua Raita is an absolute winter favorite when the lush green bathua leaves start resurfacing in the vegetable market. This particular condiment is a lunch hour special, served with Yellow Dal Tadka, Mixed Vegetable Sabzi and piping hot Phulkas. The combination of simple, fresh bountiful winter produce on the dining table screams out loud its winter spell of the year. 


Bathua Raita

Foodtainment with Living Foodz Channel

If you are deeply in love with food and travel then Foodtainment Channel Living Foodz launched on 11th September, bringing to you a complete package of interesting brand new travel and food shows. Living Foodz is coming with an array of interesting new shows, which are like a breath of fresh air with brand new approach towards food, travel and lifestyle. Living Food exposes the channel audience to whole new pandora box of food and travel shows not confined by the geographical boundaries.


Image Source: Living Foodz Channel

Brand Posts, Product Review | September 16, 2015 By

Renault Lodgy – A #LiveLodgyCal Drive to Remember

Sleek and elegant design, smooth bump free ride and ample space to tug inside my photography gear, barbecue grill and a hefty pug pet for a long drive, are my sole selection criteria before buying any new car. Surprisingly Renault’s brand new Lodgy has all the required features which makes it top the list of my favorite MPV (multi purpose vehicle) cars. I ain’t no automobile expert to review a car or criticize its features but as a consumer I have an array of thoughts about the new Renault baby in town and what could be better platform then blogpost to voice your thoughts.  




#LiveLodgyCal Drive by Blogadda @The Leela Palace, Goa

Lately you might have noticed mention of #LiveLodgyCal on most of our social media posts, the whole shout out was about the #livelodgycal drive organized by the team Blogadda at The Leela Palace and Resort, Goa in association with Renault India. The occasion behind the event and the hashtag livelodgycal was the launch of Lodgy – a new car in the MPV segment by the Renault India Team.  There was no reason to amiss the opportunity to meet the 40 bloggers from across the country at Leela Palace in Goa that too in the monsoon season, when Goa at its serene best. The minute team Blogadda confirmed the travel itinerary, travel bags were packed, lenses and gear cleaned and from the sweltering Northern heat I escaped to the moist, dark and picturesque Goa. 



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