Restaurant Review – Drinks on MG, Bengaluru

Looking for some serious cocktails? Then Drinks on MG is your place. Right in the middle of the humdrum of MG Road is a newly opened placed called Drinks. Drinks, rightfully tagged Cocktails and Conversations, was conceptualised by Puja Singh with a single point agenda, a beautiful space that will make you feel welcome, a place where you can have a conversation, whether you are catching up with an old friend or a business partner, and drinks that can be customized according to your taste buds. Drinks on MG is exactly where you should be if you want to try out made-to-order customised cocktails over a leisurely chat.



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Review – Afghani Weekend Afternoons at The Royal Afghan, ITC Windsor

The Royal Afghan is one of the ITC Windsor’s restaurants unfolding the cuisine of North West Frontier, located under a spreading ‘Peepal’ tree by the side of the swimming pool, offering the most picturesque view of the of the property. Copper candle-stands with glass chimneys, rustic tumbler like shades suspended from the ceiling and conventional style wooden furniture it all combines simplicity with serenity to create one mesmerizing scene. The British demarcated the North-West Frontier Province in the year 1900, which comprised parts of Afghanistan and the Northwest part of pre-independence India. The cuisine has been inspired by the essence of North West frontier tradition, of camaraderie around the warm glow of a campfire – succulent tandoori fare, low on oil and high on authenticity.



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Good Read – 5 must try Restaurants in Bangalore

Since the time I have shifted to the city the diverse and dynamic food market of it has always surprised me, whether it is the gourmet stores, food ventures, conventional eateries, local brew pubs or high end sophisticated global cuisine restaurants, a food lover is never short of choices. The interesting profession of food blogging bestowed me with the opportunity to dine in few of the best restaurants in Bangalore, these are the places which I always prefer going back to again and again for their world class food quality, delicious food, consistent & hospitable service and the genuine approach towards the particular cuisine. My taste buds, delicate palate and the hungry soul always come out satiated from these restaurants and at the same time looking forward for the next delightful meal.



Restaurant Review | February 13, 2015 By

Review – Street Food Festival at M-Cafe Marriott, Whitefield

Whitefield Street Kitchen is the celebration of Street Food Culture from all over the country at M-Cafe, Bengaluru Marriott Whitefield on every Wednesday. The concept of this special food festival is about showcasing everything that’s strikingly reminiscent of Indian culture – from a hearty spread of the Indian street food to hostess welcoming guests in traditional attire or to playing Indian fusion live music, it all transports diners to the street food selling by lanes. M Cafe is a multi-cuisine restaurant located in the central lobby of the hotel, comfortable and spacious ambiance make it an ideal choice for business lunches during the day and large family gatherings for the weekend brunches.  


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Dawat-E-Khaas with Master Chef Kunwar Rani Kulsum Begum @Cubbon Pavilion, ITC Gardenia

Cubbon Pavilion at ITC Gardenia, Bangalore is hosting Dawat-E-Khaas with Master Chef Kunwar Rani Kulsum Begum, from 23rd January – 1st February 2015. Dawat-E-Khaas anchored by her highness Kulsum Begum is a culinary journey through the regal past of the princely state of Hyderabad. Begum Sahiba was born in the royal household of Salar Jung III the erstwhile Nawab of Hyderabad and marriage introduced her to another Nawabi city of India – Lucknow. Over the years despite living in different parts of the country her love for Hyderabad cuisine is unwavering and true-hearted. The evening progressed with a conversation with Begum Sahiba and her culinary journey from the royal household kitchen to one of the finest hotels of the country, regardless of a long day in the kitchen her presence on the dinner table was equally enchanting as her Hyderabadi style Hindi and heart warming innocent smile.


Dawat E Khaas was a food festival at ITC Gardenia, Bangalore. Read more about the culinary experience at Dawat E Khaas by Chef Kunwar Rani Kulsum Begum

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Tasting of the New Menu @Dakshin, ITC Windsor

Dakshin is one of the fine dining restaurants in ITC Windsor serving authentic South Indian Cuisine. Dakshin started its journey in the year 1989 and since then it has always been the benchmark for South Indian Cuisine in the city. And as they say “legends are not made in a day” Dakshin also is the result of years of research and trials across the four southern states of India, by the team of trained chefs and culinary experts. After living in Southern India for past four years I still could not think beyond idli – dosa, my inquisitiveness to know more about the cuisine was strong enough to accept the invite to taste the new menu at Dakshin. 



Restaurant Review | December 5, 2014 By

Asian Street Food Festival @Ministry of Food Hilton, Bangalore

Ministry of Food, is an all day dining multi-cuisine restaurant in Hilton, Bangalore.I heard this name for the first time a few months back during Durga Puja, when their modern take on Bengali Food became the talk of the town. Since then Ministry of Food is always the topic of discussion among food critiques and food lovers for their offbeat food festivals and Heston Blumenthal style food presentation. I visited the place for the first time when Smile Foundation hosted an event with Chef Vikas Khanna to honor all the hospitality partners of Smile Foundation, there Chef Subhash Jana shared about the upcoming Asian Street Food Festival from 24th November – 7th December and invited me for the same. 
When I think about Asian Street Food my mind is immediately transported to the hawker centers of South East Asia where evening air is filled with the aroma of grilling satays and soupy slurpy noodles, my love for Asian food and curiosity about the menu took me to Ministry of Food to experience this unusual food festival. 

Asian Street Food Festival at Ministry of Food Hilton, Bangalore. Read more about the food and service at this food festival

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Restaurant Review – Nando’s Peri Peri Chicken, Church Street

 Nando’s landed in Bangalore in 2010 and it didn’t take long for people to fall in love with the addictive taste of flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken, within 2 years another Nando’s outlet was set up in Whitefield. Nando’s is a world famous South African chain of casual dining restaurants with Portuguese/Mozambican theme serving only grilled chicken with different Peri-ometer (Lemon & Herb, Mild, Hot and Extra Hot). What is Peri Peri? PERi-PERi is an African Bird’s Eye Chilli, at Nando’s they loved thespice so much that it became part of brand identity.



Restaurant Review | November 12, 2014 By

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