DMBLGiT October 2015 – Result Announcement

DMBLGiT – Does My Blog Look Good in This, is a community-run food photography contest that was established in 2005 – 10 years ago. In 2014, LFP “acquired” this food photography contest from Andrew, who was running this contest for several years. It’s a one of its kind virtual food photography contest that is hosted by different food bloggers across the globe every month, judged by the team of outstanding food photographers. In the month of October, we had the honor to host the DMBLGiT Contest.


We received an overwhelming response in the form of appealing, picture perfect food photographs send by the food bloggers from across the globe. And a heartfelt thanks to the three judges – Aparna, Simi, and Himanshu, who took time out from their busy schedules to judge the October Contest. 


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Does My Blog Look Good in This (DMBLGiT), Oct 2015

Food Photography and Food Styling is surely an addictive creative avocation. It is a skilled art form to transform food on the plate to an eye appetising masterpiece. Over the period of time food blogs across the world have turned out into a galleria to showcase the  paragon of Food Photography and styling. 


DMBLGiT – Does My Blog Look Good in This, is a community-run food photography contest that was established in 2005 – 10 years ago. In 2014, LFP “acquired” this food photography contest from Andrew, who was running this contest for several years. It’s a one of its kind virtual food photography contest that is hosted by different food bloggers across the globe every month, judged by team of outstanding food photographers. For the month of October, we have the honor and pleasure to host the DMBLGiT Contest on the blog


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Restaurant Review – Drinks on MG, Bengaluru

Looking for some serious cocktails? Then Drinks on MG is your place. Right in the middle of the humdrum of MG Road is a newly opened placed called Drinks. Drinks, rightfully tagged Cocktails and Conversations, was conceptualised by Puja Singh with a single point agenda, a beautiful space that will make you feel welcome, a place where you can have a conversation, whether you are catching up with an old friend or a business partner, and drinks that can be customized according to your taste buds. Drinks on MG is exactly where you should be if you want to try out made-to-order customised cocktails over a leisurely chat.



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Review – Afghani Weekend Afternoons at The Royal Afghan, ITC Windsor


The Royal Afghan, is one of the ITC Windsor’s restaurant unfolding the cuisine of North West Frontier, located under a spreading ‘Peepal’ tree by the side of the swimming pool, offering the most picturesque view of the of the property. Copper candle-stands with glass chimneys, rustic tumbler like shades suspended from the ceiling and conventional style wooden furniture it all combines simplicity with serenity to create one mesmerizing scene. The British demarcated the North-West Frontier Province in the year 1900, which comprised parts of Afghanistan and the Northwest part of pre-independence India. The cuisine has been inspired by the essence of North West frontier tradition, of camaraderie around the warm glow of a campfire – succulent tandoori fare, low on oil and high on authenticity.
 The food at Royal Afghan is still cooked in clay pot ovens known as tandoors, the basic rule of Afghani Cuisine. The earthy aroma of the burning clay and appetizing sweet smell of roasting meats fill up the surrounding air and keep diners excited about the meal ahead. The Royal Afghan offers an ethnic experience along with the authentic food served, flatware on the dining table are not accompanied by the cutlery, to let diners enjoy the delectable kebabs conservative way.  The view of the busy kitchen with chefs skewering kebabs for roasting add to the whole dining experience.
 The great news for the food gourmands of the city is Royal Afghan has opened its doors for the weekend lunch called as “Weekend Afghani Afternoon”. Afghani afternoon is all about spending loaf time with family and friends in the company of unlimited delicious kebabs, supreme quality Indian wines and chilled draught beer. The menu for Afghani Afternoon consists of kebab dishes from the main menu, the same menu that is not been changed since the inception of the restaurant, so the quality and the consistency of flavors could be easily defined with this fact. The menu at The Royal Afghan has a strong persona of its own, painted on a block of solid wood, it compliments the name of the restaurant. 
Being the meat lover I could not resist the temptation of tasting all the kebabs from the menu – Barrah Kebab (mutton kebabs), Tandoori Jhinga (Jumbo Prawns Kebab), Murgh Malai Kebab(Chicken Kebab), Murgh Reshmi Kebab (mince chicken kebab), Sheekh Kebabserved with coriander mint green chutney and loads of sliced onion. Each variety of kebab is equally succulent, tender and bursting with delicate flavors, due to long hour marination masala penetrated into the deep layers of meat making kebabs uniformly flavorsome. The charcoal scented kebabs were cooked to perfection and there were no signs of dryness in the meat. It is tough to pick one as favorite but if asked which one I would like to taste again then my vote stands for Tandoori Jhinga Kebabs, those prawns were jumbo in real sense, rare sapor and tender. Though the world renowned Dal Bukhara is not part of Afghani Afternoon menu but dining at Royal Afghan and giving Dal Bukhara a miss is a sin for me so ordered Dal Bukhara with tandoor baked Khasta Roti, Pudina Paratha and Naan Bukhara. Dal Bukhara has it’s roots in Delhi based ITC Maurya restaurant called Bukhara, the humble whole black urad dal is cooked overnight in the traditional Bukhara way on the tandoor, simmered all night with distinct ingredients and spices to create mouth melting pot full of dal.  
And as all great meals end with dessert, we had creamy, saffron flavored, pistachio laced Kulfi plated with rosewater, kewra splashed falooda. That Kulfi is surely one of the best Kulfis I have tasted so far, with no ice crystals in the center, engulfed with pleasing essence of saffron, pistachio, and rosewater, it was real sweet treat. You can now enjoy this world famous cuisine sitting by the shimmering blue pool with the regal old world charm of ITC Windsor as a backdrop between 12 noon and 3:00 pm every Saturday and Sunday at INR 1499++ for non vegetarians and INR 999++ for vegetarians. 

My sincere thanks to Chef Uchit Vohra, Chef Riyaaz, Harsh Shenoy (Restaurant Manager) and Murthy for sharing such insightful information about The Royal Afghan and making the whole dining experience so memorable.

Disclaimer: The review was done on an invitation from The Royal Afghan – ITC Windsor, my opinion, and words are unbiased and totally based on my experience at the restaurant. But, as they say, “Food is Subjective” so kindly exercise your own discretion, with the understanding that this is writer’s personal opinion.


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Good Read – 5 must try Restaurants in Bangalore

Since the time I have shifted to the city the diverse and dynamic food market of it has always surprised me, whether it is the gourmet stores, food ventures, conventional eateries, local brew pubs or high end sophisticated global cuisine restaurants, a food lover is never short of choices. The interesting profession of food blogging bestowed me with the opportunity to dine in few of the best restaurants in Bangalore, these are the places which I always prefer going back to again and again for their world class food quality, delicious food, consistent & hospitable service and the genuine approach towards the particular cuisine. My taste buds, delicate palate and the hungry soul always come out satiated from these restaurants and at the same time looking forward for the next delightful meal.



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Review – Street Food Festival at M-Cafe Marriott, Whitefield

Whitefield Street Kitchen is the celebration of Street Food Culture from all over the country at M-Cafe, Bengaluru Marriott Whitefield on every Wednesday. The concept of this special food festival is about showcasing everything that’s strikingly reminiscent of Indian culture – from a hearty spread of the Indian street food to hostess welcoming guests in traditional attire or to playing Indian fusion live music, it all transports diners to the street food selling by lanes. M Cafe is multi cuisine restaurant located at the central lobby of the hotel, comfortable and spacious ambiance make it ideal choice for business lunches during the day and large family gatherings for the weekend brunches. 
To taste the variety of street food from around India at one time is a moment of treat for a food lover, and that is exactly what Bengaluru Marriott Whitefield Street Kitchen is hosting. A sheer indulgence in favorite street food delicacies from different parts of the country – fusion marvels from Kolkata’s version to the Guajarati inspired ‘Mumbai Chaat’, delicious Lucknowi Kebabs, Biryanis, Tibetan Momos, Dosas, Stuffed Paranthas along with some conventional mocktails and cocktails to accompany the food. No more waiting in the long queue or to be hygiene conscious to take pleasure in your favourite street food items. To make the whole experience more memorable for the diners, there are live counters of Jalebi, Fish fry, Puchkas and of course the bar, which is set up in a hand cart. Diners can also engage in pottery making,  heena designing and handicraft shopping. 
Talking about the food honestly speaking for the first time I did not follow the formal three course approach to the meal, going with the mood of the occasion I tasted each and every item one after the other. We started with some Chaats (Puchkas, Sev paid, Raj Kachori) which built our appetite for Mumbai delights Pav Bhaji, Keema Pav with a round of refreshing desi drinks Kala Khatta, Jaljeera, Nimbu Paani. From these small plates my favorite was Keema Pav and so was the opinion of my fellow diners, and from drinks Kala Khatta was clearly the crowd pleaser. 
After the sweet and spicy medley of flavors I gladly plunged into the plate full of Tibetan dumplings Momo, Chowmein with hot red chutney on the side and I could never resist myself from relishing another plate of Chicken Momos. Then followed an array of delectable, aromatic kebabs from the Lucknowi/Awadhi food stall the usual Galouti Kebabs with Ulte Tawe ka Paratha (Paratha cooked on upside down pan) with some mint chutney and onion juliennes. For the main plates I choose the Awadhi Chicken Biryani with raita and tomato salan on the side. To satiate the sweet craving taste buds we had Jalebi, Mixed Fruit Chaat and Gadbad (loaded with four types of ice creams, slivered dry fruits, sliced fresh fruits, corn flakes, rose syrup, falooda, sabja) with Jalebi I missed the flavor of chilled Rabri and Gadbad is actually a medley of all sugar loaded ingredients hence I am always not keen on ordering it while eating out. 
The flavors of the dishes are not very nouvelle but yet appealing and pleasant change from gourmet plated dishes especially for the diners who are new to the country and totally unaware about it’s vast Street Food Culture.  The price for the buffet is Rs 1450 ++ for adults including beverages. 

Disclaimer: The review was done on an invitation from Marriott Hotel, Whitefield, my opinion and words are unbiased and totally based on my experience at the restaurant. But as they say, “Food is Subjective” so kindly exercise your own discretion, with the understanding that this is writer’s personal opinion.


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Dawat-E-Khaas with Master Chef Kunwar Rani Kulsum Begum @Cubbon Pavilion, ITC Gardenia


Cubbon Pavilion at ITC Gardenia, Bangalore is hosting Dawat-E-Khaas with Master Chef Kunwar Rani Kulsum Begum, from 23rd January – 1st February 2015. Dawat-E-Khaas anchored by her highness Kulsum Begum is a culinary journey through the regal past of the princely state of Hyderabad. Begum Sahiba was born in the royal household of Salar Jung III the erstwhile Nawab of Hyderabad and marriage introduced her to another Nawabi city of India – Lucknow. Over the years despite of living in different parts of the country her love for Hyderabad cuisine is unwavering and true-hearted. The evening progressed with a conversation with Begum Sahiba and her culinary journey from the royal household kitchen to one of the finest hotels of the country, regardless of long day in the kitchen her presence on the dinner table was equally enchanting as her Hyderabadi style Hindi and heart warming innocent smile. 

 For ‘Dawat-E-Khas’ the menu that Begum Sahiba has chosen is no doubt an amalgam of the various influences that shaped the cuisine from the ancient era till date. The Master Chef herself thoughtfully designed the menu and the recipes for Dawat-E-Khaas and she makes sure during the entire week of festival none of the dishes are repeated in the menu, such impeccable is the collection of her recipes. These recipes are part of her royal treasure and represents her family traditions, sincerely passed on from one generation to another, for each dinner of Dawat-E-Khaas Begum Sahiba herself rustle up all the dishes in the menu in the best possible conventional manner. 

Dawat-E-Khaas is a buffet spread comprising of two – three appetizers, main course of vegetarian – meat/shelfish curries, biryanis/pulaos, flatbreads and desserts. On the particular day entree were vegetarian beetroot ke kebab and on the contrary prawns ke tikki, both were equally mouth melting and delicately flavored but our favorite was beetroot ke kebab for the unique inclusion of beetroot in kebab. Moving towards the main course from the vegetarian spread we tasted each one of them – Mutter Ki Dal, Baigan ke Katle, Chukundur ka Bharta, Chichinda aur Masoor ki Subzi, Paneer Ka Salan, Methi Pulao after tasting these vegetarian delicacies I realized Hyderabad cuisine has much more to offer than biryani/meat curries. When Begum Sahiba was asked about the vast vegetarian feast she explained how back home their daily meals were accompanied by variety of dals, vegetarian curries along with meat/fish and especially during the month of Muharram her entire family would consume only vegetarian meal. 
For the second round of main course we tasted the meat/seafood curries – Murgh Moongfali, macchi Hara Pyaaz, Jhinga Kofta, Ghost Aloo ka Salan, Murgh Narwal Pulao, Kachhe Ghost ki Biryani was not in the menu that day and I definitely missed it on my plate. Both the vegetarian and meat curries, side dishes, biryani/pulao had distinctive pleasing taste, with each spoonful hours spend on slow cooking these dishes could be tasted, there were no traces of over powering whole spices, each dish was hearty , wholesome and flavorful. The menu was the quintessential balance of vegetables, meats, shellfish, fish and rice. 
The dessert selection for the evening menu was simply exquisite and delectable – Paheli ke Ande (melon ball poached in delicate china grass pudding resembling soft boiled egg), Halwe ki Gilori (halwa folded inside thin fluffy crepes) and Chawal ke Mujjafar (rice pudding in which each grain of rice came together still remain intact and fluffy). This was my first experience with these unusual Hyderabadi desserts, each dessert had that saffron laced aroma around it embellished with slivered pistachios, dry fruits, rose petals standing with elegance in the middle of the buffet and plated well enough to tempt diner towards them. 


My sincere thanks to Chef Madhav Nambiar (Jr. Sous Chef, Cubbon Pavilion) for making the evening so memorable. 
Disclaimer: The review was done on an invitation from Cubbon Pavilion – ITC Gardenia, my opinion and words are unbiased and totally based on my experience at the restaurant. But as they say, “Food is Subjective” so kindly exercise your own discretion, with the understanding that this is writer’s personal opinion. 


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Tasting of the New Menu @Dakshin, ITC Windsor


Dakshin is one of the fine dining restaurant in ITC Windsor serving authentic South Indian Cuisine,  Dakshin started it’s journey in the year 1989 and since then it has always been benchmark for South Indian Cuisine in the city, and as they say “legends are not made in a day” Dakshin also is the result of years of research and trials across the four southern states of India, by the team of trained chefs and culinary experts. After living in Southern India for past four years I still could not think beyond idli – dosa, my inquisitiveness to know more about the cuisine was strong enough to accept the invite to taste the new menu at Dakshin. 
Dakshin ambiance reminded me of many Chettinad style temples I visited during my stay in Chennai, whether it was beautiful sculpture at the entrance, grand doorway carved with bells and knuckles, traditional brass lamp (Velaku) and the Urli (vessel) with flower petals floating in water (the presence of a water body in temples is a must in south India), it all altogether transported me to palace of some southern kingdom. The tables at Dakshin are blend of traditional culture and modernity where silver thalis are accompanied by wine glasses. 
Evening unfolded with the interesting conversation with two generation of chefs at Dakshin Grand Master Chef CB. Shankaran, who has experience of over 30 years in culinary world and expertise’s in traditional South Indian classics, owner of humble personality Chef Shankaran has many absorbing stories to share from the by-gone years about how he has seen city going through the change in terms of food on the other hand Executive Chef Uchit Vohra, with over 14 years of experience with ITC was full of energy and enthusiasm. With two legendary chefs sitting on our table I was nearly tight lipped, few sip of Muneer (a refreshing drink of jaggery, tender coconut water, khus syrup and honey) and live Carnatic music in the background made me relaxed. 
Dakshin menu is the blend of the cuisine of four states Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, talking about the new menu, which is a medley of Dakshin favorite dishes over the years with some new additions in the menu or I should say the new menu exhibits ‘Celebrated Tastes of Southern India’. The selection of dishes in the menu is inspired from home style South Indian food.  Dakshin menu is bifurcated into sections like Sarvottam and then there are state wise segments. Sarvottam in Hindi means “the best of all”, this section of the menu comprises of selected Dakshin signature classics which are in the menu from past many years, passed on from one generation of Chefs to another and could only be changed after consulting and approval of all the Grandmaster Chefs of Dakshin from across the India. 
One of the many USP’s of Dakshin includes the Iyer’s Trolley, a live trolley named after Chef Paramasivam Iyer – the first Grand Master Chef, which serves small adais, banana flavoured dosais and the ubiquitous kunni paniyarams to welcome the guest. We were welcomed by an array of colorful assorted chutneys and papadum followed by banana-flavored dosais, mini adais and corn vada (the new addition in the menu). Then came an array of Dakshin delights for the Prarambham (starters) – Dakshin Yera (Masala coated fried prawns), Kozhi Roast (Slow roast spring chicken marinated with Chef’s special masala), Mutton Sukka (Dry preparation of tender lamb morsels cooked with black pepper, cumin and fresh coriander leaves), Chettinad Kozhi (Drum Sticks of chicken cooked in a thick masala of green chilli, fresh coriander and a blend of south), Meen Varuval(Seer fish darns marinated with juice of green chillies and black pepper powder and grilled on a hot plate), for the first time I was in dilemma to decide my favorite, whether it was mutton, chicken drumstick or fish each was cooked till perfection, full of bursting flavors, mouth melting and best part each has distinctive taste profile. 
At ITC Windsor hospitality is taken very seriously, the moment you enter the hotel, the staff leaves no stone unturned to make your moment special.  still remember the heart warming smile of Nandesh, our server for the night a thorough gentleman who was wearing traditional attire called ‘panchegajam veshti’. He reminded me of my family cook whom we use to call maharaj and who use to over stuff us with food. Despite of his busy schedule Chef Shankaran was always around explaining about each dish that comes out of the kitchen. 
For the main course we had variety of curries mainly vegetarian, from Karnataka we had Kootu Saaru (Curry of mix vegetables cooked in gravy of coconut, lentils and tempered with garlic), Baine Barthadh (Sweet and sour preparation of aubergine tossed with onions), Massopu Saaru (Garlic flavoured curry of mix greens and lentils), from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana we had Dappalam (A sweet, sour, and spicy preparation of a yam, broad beans, drumsticks and red pumpkin), Kalasu Koora (Mix vegetable curry of green capsicum, string beans, black eyed beans and shallots) and Mamsam Koora(Succulent lamb cubes cooked in a gravy of coconut, onions and tomatoes) all sopped up with Appam, Malabar Paratha and Ragi Dosa, the dishes are served from traditional vessels like the ‘Urli’ and the ‘Adduku.  The vegetarian spread of curries was absolutely delightful and my favorite was Baine Barthadh (Sweet and sour preparation of aubergine tossed with onions), which is one of the delicious aubergine preparations I have tasted. 
After eating so much we were in the stage called – food coma and thought will skip the dessert section and honestly was not expecting something special in dessert but then came Madhuram (dessert) – Elaneer Payasam (Tender coconut kernels in cardamom flavoured coconut milk) served chilled and Aadikkumayam (South Indian halwa made of ground urad dal, moong dal and rice) very much similar to Moon Dal Halwa, without complaining about the large portion of desserts we quietly cleaned up even the last bit of dessert particles from our bowls, perfect end to a fabulous meal. 
One of the memorable evenings I experienced which will always stay in my food memories for many coming years and yes it has definitely made it to the list of my highly recommended places to visit in Bangalore.  

Disclaimer: The review was done on an invitation from Dakshin – ITC Windsor, my opinion and words are unbiased and totally based on my experience at the restaurant. But as they say, “Food is Subjective” so kindly exercise your own discretion, with the understanding that this is writer’s personal opinion. 


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