Best Indian Chutney Recipes

Chutney is an integral part of Indian Cuisine. If we discuss the key items served on an everyday Indian plate then the chutney cannot be missed out. We have varieties of chutneys to accompany different meal courses throughout the day.The choice of chutney for each meal is made according to the taste, texture and the food with which they have to be served.These Indian chutneys are prepared with the readily available local ingredients. And some of the best Indian chutney recipes are so easy to follow for a novice cook. An Indian chutney not only enhances the taste of the meal but also increases the aesthetic appeal of the whole platter. 


We are sharing few basic Indian chutney recipes that are commonly prepared across the country. These Indian Chutney Recipes are quick to prepare and do not require much cooking as well.


Indian Chutney Recipes

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Instant Mango Pickle

Instant Mango Pickle is a delectable mango pickle recipe that is ready to eat in few hours. Is that even possible? Yes, it is. The Instant Mango Pickle is the kind of recipe that saves you hours of labor in the kitchen. Now you can make pickle whenever you want without waiting for the bright sunny day. All you need is raw mangoes and few spices to make this Instant Mango Pickle. And the best part is it is a no-cook pickle recipe. There is no stove-time involved in this recipe. So for the novice pickle makers, this Instant Mango Pickle recipe is worth bookmarking. 


Instant Mango Pickle is a delectable mango pickle recipe that is ready to eat in few hours. Find how to make an Instant Mango Pickle

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Corn Salsa Recipe

This Corn Salsa is everything I love – sweet, savory, spicy, crunchy and fresh. It’s gratifying with nachos or inside the tacos. Perfect any way you serve it – you really can’t go wrong. The best part about this Corn Salsa Recipe is it takes less than 30 minutes to get ready. So to welcome the announced guests on a Friday night – quickly stir up corn salsa and serve it with nachos. Delicious, fuss-free snack is ready in no time! No need to spend hours in the kitchen on planning for a lip-smacking condiment to accompany the munchies. You will be surprised to know that this corn salsa is healthy, vegan and gluten-free too. 


This Corn Salsa is everything I love – sweet, savory, spicy, crunchy and fresh. Find how to make corn salsa recipe in few simple steps

Spring Onion Raita

Spring Onion Raita? Ohh yes, you can do that. Prepared with the greenest spring onion stalks just perfect for the summer season. It is one of the coolest raita recipes on my blog. Why? Because of its refreshing color combination and the quick preparation time. This Spring Onion Raita gets ready in less than 20 minutes. Who doesn’t like to save such real fast recipes? All vegetarian, healthy and 100% gluten-free this Spring Onion Raita is one of my current favorite raita recipes. 


Spring Onion Raita

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Restaurant Style Pineapple Raita Recipe

Raise your hand if you love the classic pineapple raita served at Indian restaurants. Oh God, it is one of my favorite side dishes when I am ordering spicy curries for the main course. It is sweet, savory and has the right note of tanginess from the pineapple. Restaurant Style Pineapple Raita is my attempt to re-create the same magic of flavors in my kitchen. And I am happy to announce that this Pineapple Raita Recipe is as good as the one served at restaurants. With this pineapple raita recipe in hand, you can churn this delicious, summer goodness anytime in your kitchen. No need to wait for your next visit to an Indian restaurant. 


Pineapple Raita

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Karonde Mirch Ki Sabzi

It’s almost end of August, and predictably the monsoon season is expected to last till mid of September. These days North India is damp and grey, the frogs are having a ball and I deal with it all by keeping myself busy in the kitchen. I love the thunderstorm, the lightning in between the clouds and the shades of grey during the day itself. I make myself a strong cup of coffee and flip the pages of cookbooks in search of new recipes. During this entire season, we are enchanted by the craving for spicy food, nice Indian dishes that go very well with the rain – Aloo Paani, Fulori and now Karonde Mirch Ki Sabzi. Yesterday morning I went to the market and came home with beautiful Karonde (natal plum) having natural vermillion shades. I had no special plans for them, they just were the most attractive looking thing at the vegetable stall. Without having any recipe in mind I got a full bag of Karonde. But there was no revelation. I still didn’t know what to cook. My mind kept asking “what goes well with rain?”


Karonde Mirch Ki Sabzi

How to Make Punjabi Aam Ka Achaar


June is here, and suddenly we stand on the cusp of summer. Heat at its peak, flora, and fauna at their dullest mood and there is almost nothing inspirational around. The scent of ripe mangoes and musk melon almost overpowering, every time we open the door of the fridge. The daylight lingers till late evening, and the skies have become that piercing bright blue. These – these few of my observations among many – whisper ‘summer is here’. And how to miss making Aam Ka Achaar (Mango Pickle), an Indian summer ritual that is common to almost every household. 


Salty, spicy, savory, Aam Ka Achaar is an amalgamation of all favorite flavors from grandma's kitchen.

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Pahadi Kheere Ka Raita

If you have ever visited the lush green hill stations of Kumaon to spend a quiet summer vacation, you might have tasted Pahadi Kheere Ka Raita aka Cucumber Raita. Nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, Kumaon is bestowed with a maze of mountains, lush greenery, and breath-taking landscapes. The culture, cuisine and the rich heritage of the region are still an untold saga to the rest of the world. Many renowned food historians and novelists have captured the essence of the cuisine in their writings, though. From the ancient times, Kumaonis have been famous for their bravery, warrior skills, and enduring honour. Like the persona of the natives, their food is simple, subtle and comprises largely of locally grown greens, vegetables, herbs, and grains.



The first taste impression of Pahadi Kheere ka Raita is like a hit of strong taste, and definitely not subtle at all.

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