Spring Onion and Paneer Paratha

Paratha adds great variety to our everyday breakfast menu. Stuffed, flavored, layered, may it come in any shape or size, we just love to devour them for breakfast. Though nowadays, cautiously I am making an attempt to keep my favorite Paratha Recipes, as healthy as possible. As you will notice below in the recipe of Spring Onion and Paneer Paratha we have used Multigrain flour for the dough, tried using minimal oil to cook the paratha and used basic seasoning. If you really want to get indulgent with your Parathas, serve them with a dollop of butter. These Spring Onion and Paneer Paratha are easy to make and so much promising on taste and texture. 


Spring Onion and Paneer Paratha is a wholesome, delicious and super-easy breakfast recipe. Learn how to make Spring Onion and Paneer Paratha in few simple steps

Aloo Methi Paratha Recipe

The regular Aloo Paratha is too dull for me. That is the reason I am always looking ways to combine aloo stuffing with some additional flavors to create a wholesome flatbread. Sometimes, back we shared the Makki and Aloo Ka Paratha. This time, it is Aloo Methi Paratha. Packed with excitement; that describes the Aloo Methi Parathas best of all! The mashed potato mixture is tucked inside the flavorsome fenugreek-laced dough and rolled out to make pillowy parathas. Who could say no to them? Served with simple raita, freshly churned white butter and aam ka achaar, these Methi Parathas are one of our favorite winter breakfast. Almost, a weekly ritual all over the season, till the family had enough of them. 


Packed with excitement; that describes the Aloo Methi Parathas best of all! Served with simple raita, freshly churned white butter and aam ka achaar, these Methi Parathas are one of our favorite winter breakfast.

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Meethi Poori Recipe

Meethi Poori Recipe is an ode to all those simple joys of festive celebrations in a small town, where I grew up. In those days, no fancy desserts, puddings or store bought confectionary would frame our Diwali. Instead, it was the simple, homemade sweet dishes prepared by the mom and the aunts that enticed our taste buds and sweet tooth cravings. Recipes like Meethi Poori, Sooji Ka Halwa, Gajar Halwa or Gujia are very close to my heart and evoke a strong nostalgia whenever I cook them. These are the dishes that remind me of cheerful and best Diwali’s celebrated at my ancestral home with the loved ones. No elaborate feasts or royal buffets could compete with these festive comfort foods. Meethi Poori is a cross between mawa kachori and the regular Poori. It has the taste similar to that of a rich Rajasthani Mawa Kachori while the crispness and flakiness of a perfect Poori


Meethi Poori is a delicious, simple recipe for the festive occasions such as Diwali, Holi, and Raksha Bandhan.

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Missa Paratha Recipe

Missa Paratha is one our favorite Punjabi Recipes. Why? Because it takes less than 30 minutes to make these Parathas. I mean that literally this a real simple, time saving and easy to remember Missa Paratha Recipe. I, as a cook, turn to this recipe for a quick weekday breakfast, hastily packed lunch box meal or a fulfilling dinner. With Missa Paratha dough sitting in the fridge, you can make the Paratha during any given hour of the day.


Missa Paratha is prepared using leftover yellow dal and plenty of spices.

Puri Recipe – How to Make Perfect Puri/Poori

How to make perfect Puri is no secret mantra, all it requires is bit of practice. Puri or Poori is renowned Indian puffed bread. These plump, spherical deep-fried breads are native of Indian sub-continent. The culinary tour of the by-lanes of old cities is never considered complete without enjoying Puri dipped in piping hot bold curries. In India, the early morning walk in forage of local breakfast or lust for piquant street food often concludes with Puri-Bhaji. Puri is always considered symbolic of the festive Indian meal. There is a kind of unsaid indulgence involved when we talk about Puri. An ultimate companion of spicy, soupy curries, Puri is quintessential bread to sop up these curries. 


How to make puri

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Onion and Tomato Uttapam Recipe

Onion and Tomato Uttapam Recipe are soft, flavorsome savory South Indian style mini pancakes. These mini Onion and Tomato uttapam are modernistic and fun approach towards the conventional Utthapams or Utthapaa.  The fluffy, pillowy Onion and Tomato Utthapam dipped in creamy coconut chutney is a flavorous breakfast menu. There is a kind of unsolicited comfort in South Indian breakfast dishes, whether it is mouth melting idlis swimming in piping hot sambhar or fluffy Uttapams, all are equally inviting enough for the weekend breakfast. These breakfast items never grew in me, during our stay in Southern region they eventually became part of our eating routine. Even being novice to the South Indian Cuisine we have our taste preferences, our taste buds strictly look forward to Chettinad style of cooking. The Chettinad Cuisine is sought after for the bold flavor of spices with a hint of sweetness to it. The Chettinad Cuisine has made an unfading impression in our food memories which make us crave for dishes from the land of Chettiyars every now and then. 


Onion and Tomato Uttapam Recipe

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Makki aur Aloo ka Partha with Video Recipe using Asus Zenfone 5

Makki Aur Aloo ka Paratha is an Indian flatbread made with maize flour and spicy potato dough, boiled potato is seasoned with various spices and then rubbed with maize flour to form smooth pliable dough to make Parathas. While the winter is slowly slipping from the seasonal calendar, in Southern India, it is still hard to resist not to make wintertime delicacies for the one last time until the next season of warm winter sun, misty air and chill winter breeze.  

Few weeks back I made Sarson ka Saag with Makki ki Roti (see recipe here) that left me with few cups of maize flour lying in one unattended corner of the kitchen shelf and pleading to be used soon. 


Makki Aur Aloo ke Paratha

Naan (Without Yeast) Recipe

Naan is an Indian flatbread, history says it came to India along with the rulers from Central Asia and slowly became part of the Indian royal menu. Whether it is rich and spicy meat curries or light and hearty lentil stews Naan is one bread which humbly compliments all. One of the most popular breads across the country – Naan is usually made with all purpose flour using yeast as fermenting agent, in this recipe curd is being used instead of yeast though using curd doubles the dough rising time but the end result is no different. 



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