Brown Tree – A Simple Solution to Healthy Snacking (Product Review) & Guilt Free Savory Mixture Recipe


Recently I was approached by Brown Tree to review their products and share my opinion about the same and I grabbed the opportunity without giving any second thoughts because I am already a regular customer of Brown Tree and what could be more enjoyable than writing for a brand which is part of your daily life. For my friends who are wandering what is Brown Tree, here is a brief introduction – Brown Tree is brainchild of two young entrepreneurs, Dinesh Kumar and Abhinandan B., the duo started this health store with a mission to provide nourishing alternatives to unhealthy food culture of city denizens, with 15 stores in Chennai and Bangalore I am sure they have great launching and expansion plans for rest of the metros too. 
The word Brown Tree always reminds me of popular animated series A Charlie Brown Christmas, in which Charlie picked up an unusual tree to be decorated like Christmas tree and convinces his friends that it is not about the commercialization of festival but it is all about celebrating together, though I am not very sure how much related the name Brown Tree and this story are.
“He” is on a weight loss dieting regime and slowly I was kinda getting out of ideas of healthy snacking, then Brown Tree came as my savior and there arrived my Pandora box full of health goodies, I still remember when I ordered roasted snacks for the first time from Brown Tree I was little skeptical about the taste and what if “He” does not like the flavor of whole grain snacks but Brown Tree proved all my doubts wrong and introduced us to whole new definition of healthy snacking, their roasted snacks section not only offers healthy snacks but also there is a wide range of whole grain tasty snacks.
“Freshness and goodness” is that singular value system that is the driving force of Brown Tree and talking about the freshness, it reminds me of Tea, during winters “He” can’t do without his Masala Chai (Masala Tea) and I as usual love sipping Green Tea, though I usually make Chai Ka Masala at home but this time winter laziness has crept into me so I decided to give Brown Tree Tea Masala Powder a chance and also taken a break from my regular Green Tea brand and opted for Brown Tree Green Tea and we both are quite happy with this change of flavor. 
What distinguishes Brown Tree from other health stores is the quality of their products, which is quite consistent from the launch of their very first store and secondly the prompt customer service. I usually order their products online and so far every time next day the ordered products are in my kitchen shelf, what else you want from a brand to get loyally associated. Whether it is their dry fruits or spices, each and every item is a quality product and has a reasonable price tag. 
The other day some of his friends visited us and luckily the same day I received my hamper from Brown Tree so served Roasted Corn Chips with Homemade Hummus and to my surprise everybody devoured the whole bowl without even once complaining about not serving Pita or Nachos with Hummus.
Usually I prefer making savory mixtures to munch on at home so this time I have given the regular mixture a healthy twist by using Brown Tree Snacks and Spices and I think the combination worked quite well, now my family is munching on this Savory Mixture without keeping count of calories.


Recipe: Guilt Free Savory Mixture
Yield: 500g or 1 small jar
2 Cup Puffed Rice
1 Cup Lotus Seeds
4 Tbsp Brown Tree Cheese Groundnuts
¼ Cup Brown Tree Soya Sev
A fistful of fresh Curry Leaves
1 Tsp Brown Tree Garlic Powder
1 Tsp Brown Tree Paprika Powder
1 Tsp Mint Powder
Salt, as per taste
2 Tsp Olive Oil
Heat oil in a heavy bottomed shallow pan, throw in curry leaves and once they start crackling
add puffed rice and lotus seeds. Fry them until crisp and very light brown in color.
Mix in all the remaining ingredients and fry for another 2 – 3 minutes. Adjust seasoning as per the taste. Switch off the gas.
Once the mixture cools down store in clean and dry airtight container. Enjoy spoonful every day with a cup of evening tea.
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