Surti Sev Khamani Recipe

Our guest post series continues, with the talented Indian food blogger Binjal Pandya from Binjal’s Veg Kitchen! I have long been a fan of Binjal’s great recipes and beautiful photos. And I must say she is among those bloggers who define new artistic perspective of the conventional Indian cuisine with their photographs. While I was compiling the list of guest bloggers for the year 2017 she was the first one to make it to the list. I regularly find myself getting inspired by lots and lots of her recipes, so I know that you’ll enjoy this one! Even more than that, I just completely love being able to call Binjal a friend. And don’t miss out our collection of guest posts on Pinterest


Sev Khamani Recipe is a typical Gujarati snack from Surat region (that's why it's called surti sev khamani). Very delicious, perfect for any occasion.

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Soya Manchurian Recipe

Soya Manchurian Recipe is one of our school-days favourite Indo-Chinese Recipe. For the after school snack, my mother would prepare a large casserole full of Soya Manchurian along with fried rice. We used to look forward to evenings laced with Soya Manchurian and fried rice. When Sandhya suggested Soya Manchurian Recipe for the guest post, I agreed happily as there are plenty of childhood memories tied around this particular dish. As you might have noticed, we often invite fellow bloggers to share a guest post on our blog as a friendly gesture to spread the love and cheer for good food. This month’s guest post is by Sandhya Hariharan – an obsessive food photographer + food stylist, budding writer and an Art Director at Sandhya’s Kitchen. Her blog is a celebration of breathtaking food photography, perfect food styling and amazing recipes that leave you rushing to the kitchen/kicking yourself for not thinking of them. Her photographs don’t stop at being beautiful, and her styling combination aren’t merely appealing to the eyes: they’re delicious. Simply amazing. 


Soya Manchurian

Bombay Potatoes Recipe (Masala Aloo)

Bombay Potatoes Recipe (Masala Aloo) is the best ever Indian-style roasted potato recipe. And this delicious recipe is been generously shared by Richa with us. Who is Richa? A self-taught cook, baker and a food photographer. Richa is the force behind a buzzing food blog My Food Story. Her heart-warming smile and a contemporary approach towards the conventional recipes are the two things for which you should not miss out being a regular visitor to her blog. If you spot a drool-worthy food image compelling you to dive into the computer screen and grab the food then Richa might be the person responsible for that. When we approached her to share a guest post with the readers of the blog, she readily accepted the invite and hence – Bombay Potatoes Recipe happened. 


Bombay Potatoes Recipe (Masala Aloo) is the best ever Indian-style roasted potato recipe. Learn how to make Bombay Potatoes in few simple steps

South Indian Vada Curry Recipe (Vadakari)

South Indian Vada Curry Recipe (Vadakari) is a specialty from Tamil Nadu which is made from masala vadai (Bengal gram fritters). Vada Curry is served as a side dish along with idli, dosa or even with Parottas. It is believed that vada curry was created by a small-scale hotel chef in Tamil Nadu. The chef had a lot of leftover masala vada from the previous night. Next morning, while looking for ideas to use the leftover vada, the chef came up with this brilliant recipe where he crumble the vada into smaller bite size pieces and dunked them in an onion-tomato masala curry. He served Vadakari with idli and dosa for breakfast to the hotel customers. People who tasted it liked it so much that they started coming back every morning asking for the same curry. The traditional Vadakari uses masala vada prepared the previous night. And trust me the curry prepared in traditional way tastes the best. Delicious, full of wonderful flavors and a perfect side dish for the breakfast along with idli’s/dosas. 


South Indian Vada Curry Recipe (Vadakari) is a specialty from Tamil Nadu which is made from masala vadai (Bengal gram fritters). Find recipe of Vadakari

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Fish Ambat Tikhat Recipe

Fish Ambat Tikhat Recipe is a well-known Maharashtrian dish which means Fish in sour and spicy gravy.  There are few fish delicacies which are a regular affair at Farrukh’s place, one of them being Fish Ambat Tikhat which makes it to her favourite seafood list of Kerala, Goan and Maharashtrian cuisines. It gives Farrukh immense happiness to share what has been loved in her family and hope that you all will surely love and enjoy the recipe of Fish Ambat Tikhat.


Fish Ambat Tikhat Recipe

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Multani Kali Arbi Recipe

Multani Kali Arbi Recipe is the family recipe of renowned Delhi based professional food photographer and stylist Praerna Kartha.  She says, ‘I have never seen or tasted Multani Kali Arbi anywhere else except in the homes of my extended Multani family, which hails from the Dera Ghazi Khan district in West Punjab’. Both, in terms of language and cuisine, there is a lot of similarity in between Multani, Sindhi, and Punjabi. The most popular Multani preparation is probably the sweet Sohan Halwa – a halwa made of milk, sugar, ghee and cornflour. Praerna is a true Multani from the heart and when I approached her for a guest post on the blog she immediately suggested the idea of Multani Arbi Recipe.


Multani Kali Arbi Recipe is a Multani family recipe. Find how to prepare simple yet delicious Multani Arbi Recipe with few basic ingredients in the kitchen

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Palak Paneer Bhurji Recipe

Palak Paneer Bhurji Recipe is a humble and fuss free recipe of classic Indian side dish Paneer Bhurji with the addition of spinach. The straight forward flavors of creamy paneer and luscious spinach are combined together to create an ultimate comfort side dish for the lunch or dinner menu. Bhurji is the common term widely used across the by-lanes of Indian sub continent. The term Bhurji refers to a quick stir fry dish made with either egg, paneer or any easy to cook ingredient. Behind the scene we are working on few exciting surprises lined up for our blog readers, one of them that might interest you as a reader is the fabulous series of guest posts lined up from some talented blogger friends of mine. 


Palak Paneer Bhurji Recipe

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