My first cocktail on blog - Hot Apple Toddy with Garam masala

Most parts of the country has started getting first sprinkles of Monsoon, weather has changed from hot and dry to humid and pleasant, the air around is filled with the pleasant aroma of wet soil, especially Bangalore weather is back to it's chilling self with frequent showers and drizzling. When we thought of shifting to Bangalore weather was one of the factors that convinced us that it is going to be a pleasant stay. 

As a food lover for me monsoon means lot of spicy and comfort food, hot drinks and tons of finger food which I avoid during summer, reason my lost appetite in summer, which is now back with a bang. When I say hot drinks I mean I want all my drinks including cocktails to be served at room temperature, a glass of hot drink in one hand and my favorite fiction novel on another is my idea of spending a perfect rainy evening. 

When Urban Dazzle came up with this contest at Indian Food Bloggers Meet (IFBM 2014) to create a cocktail/mocktail recipe with an Indian flavor, for few seconds I drop the idea of creating any such recipe but than I started thinking about all my favorite drinks, which reminded me of Hot Apple Toddy - my evergreen remedy for bad throat, runny nose or just a gloomy day, trust me when I say it has fixed all of them. I have given it a desi twist with our very own Homemade Garam masala, what could be more Indian than a touch of Garam Masala and like an old wine it tastes much better now.

So here is my entry for UrbanDazzle Contest at IFBM 2014 Hot Apple Toddy with Garam Masala and I would like to serve it in Punch Tumbler so that there is handle support in glass in case your fingers cannot take the heat of the glass.

Recipe: Hot Apple Toddy with Garam Masala

Yield: Serves 2

500ml apple juice
¼ Cup good quality rum
1 tbsp honey
1 tsp Garam Masala (see recipe here)
A thumb size ginger piece, cleaned and sliced
2 - 3 orange wedges with skin
Juice of half lemon

To garnish:
orange slices

In a saucepan simmer apple juice along with Garam Masala, orange and ginger slices over low heat for 5 - 10 minutes, until the aroma of spices, orange and ginger is well incorporated into the juice.
In a jar add honey, rum, lemon juice and hot apple juice. Give it a nice stir once not for too long, just to mix all ingredients together.
Strain and pour in the serving glasses and garnish with star anise and lime slices. Serve hot.

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