Food Event - A Live Cookout With Four Seasons Wines, Weber Grills & the Hyatt

Another sunny afternoon, bunch of food enthusiast, pool side set up and a glass of Four Seasons Wine, I am not describing my imagination, these are the picturesque details of Four Seasons Wines Food & Wine Event I attended recently, this was the second time I attended event of Four Seasons Wines and the very first event of 2014 same like 2013 when I got very first invite of the year from Four Seasons Wines for Wine Tasting Session at Fava - The Mediterranean Delight (read full review here).

This year's event was more about having fun with food as we did some serious grilling on the Weber Grills while sipping Four Seasons Wine. Though we were not left alone with the grills, expert team of Executive Chef Gautum Chaudhary was there to guide us through the whole process of marinating the chicken, grilling and then making Tortilines in b├ęchamel sauce from scratch, to make us feel more into the role of chef we were provided with chef like aprons and caps. With all the mis en plac already set for us we experimented with the different flavors because ultimately the food was to be relished by our team only, so No Worries!!!

Finally I had the chance of meeting Abhay Kewadkar - Chief Winemaker of Four Seasons Wines and one of the pioneers of wine in India. We had a brief interaction about the Four Seasons Vineyard at Bagmati, Pune and the future plans of Four Seasons in India.

I met some of the fellow bloggers whom I am socially connected but never got the opportunity to meet in person and yea some faces were familiar from the last year's event so it was great pleasure to meet with them again.

Special thanks to Sumath Karnad - Team Ginger Claps and Four Seasons Wines for the invite and also Weber Grills and The Hyatt Team for the lovely fun-filled afternoon.

How can I miss thanking - Indrani, Shiju, Vidhya, Swati, Anudut and Shalini for such a lively and jovial company. 

To know more about Four Seasons you can visit the below pages:

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  1. Such a lovely collection of pics. A memorable event and glad that I got to meet you. :)

  2. nice post Hina and you are so quick I must say :) , it was so much pleasure meeting you again...and thanks for putting such a funny pic of my daughter else I would have missed this expression...

  3. Beautiful pictures. Yes, it was a fun event for sure. :)


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